Ele Shaman/Hunter LF guild MoP

Bleeding Hollow
I'm looking to transfer to this server and looking to join a 10 or 25 man guild. Preferably Horde side but Alliance is fine too.

I've been playing on and off since early BC. Past raid experience include Realm first ZA/mount timed run. Full clear of Naxx, 3 drakes Saph, Ulduar while it was current content. Only played Cata casually on my rogue for the first couple months of the expansion clearing all but Nefarian on normal (although we never attempted him) but stopped playing when most of our core (including myself) quit the game when League of Legends became popular.

I'm thinking of either going back to my shaman or rolling a hunter for this expansion depending on guild needs. I consider myself a casual player with a hardcore mindset. As in I try to min/max everything on my character, love to theorycraft, don't stand in fire but due to RL work and such, I cannot raid for more than 2-3 nights a week.

I'm looking to raid with like minded people.
If you are still looking find myself, Jerriy, Lilmuute/Muute, or Kemblee in game see if we fit your needs

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