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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
Part One: Role Players's Worst Nightmare....

Note: This is a fan made piece of lore with the intention of describing how and why Gnomes and Goblins become Paladins and Druids
Reasoning to the madness- I love Taruen, they can become Paladins, Priests, Shaman and Druids. I also love Gnomes, they can be only Priests out of that group...what gives??

DISCLAIMER: I have an idea of the rules...This lore is based on the game World of Warcraft and takes place using player characters, real guilds, real realms and real zones. I know that I may or may not be reported for this and or deleted. I prepare for the worst as a realist and dream for the best. That said (written), I look forward to feed-back BUT DO NOT ENFORCE IT. This is for all purposes <<INTENDED ENTERTAINMENT ONLY>>. I do not and will not own these rights but will be glad with a pat on the head for positive reinforcement. (Clapping scares me and hurts my large, doglike ears) These titles, character names, guild names, quests, Mage cookies, teleport, Heroisms, Bloodlusts, Priests' bubbles, Enrages, and zones belong to Blizzard for without Blizzard, none of the above would exist.

-stands up from kneeling before Blizzard's all mighty feet-

Warning: Gnomes are in this story, all Gnome haters beware. There is fan made, distorted lore, RP-ers and lore hounds: beware...This is in World Of Warcraft, enjoy :D

Inclusions: Surprises abound within these paragraphs! No, sorry...No Mage Cakes but ideas for races, lore warped WoW technologies, and jargon that I am sure you will get the gist of :D

On a further note....

Let's begin it already the Seafood Magnifique's getting cold!!!! >.<

The sun began to set on the horizon of the Borean Tundra. Within several hours, the twilight would bring about the biting cold of autumn. High in the ramparts of Valiance Keep, a tiny woman with childlike features kept to her quiet contemplations as she gazed at the barren tundra.
Her Robes of the Cleansing Flame kept her warm with their strange flame touched weaves and her Cowl of Cleansing Flame hid the white mist of her steady breathing, as well as her pink cropped hair. Her large green eyes squinted in the coming northern winds. She had remembered long ago when she was a rank seventy priest. Many of the tenants of the Valiance Keep had asked for her assistance. They pleaded her and many other heroes to help them cull the scourge who ravaged the shores in the form of towering ghost men called “vrykul”, as well as the familiar “plague beetles” she called them.
But she visited the keep as a rank eighty-five, the highest rank that the race of Blizzarts deemed as “heroic”, until a new cause was called for.
The Blizzarts, she thought to herself. They were the enigmatic race powerful beyond all comparison. She remembered seeing one assist her when she sank into the Twisting Nether. It was a beautiful humanoid with frosty blue wings and a bright blue body that sparkled like stars. It flew before her and summoned a rift to bring her back to her hearth in Loch Modan.
She reached into her side pocket to produce a letter written in the Blizzart's icy blue ink. She unfolded the parchment and recognized the pet vendor Breanni's name mentioned:

We thank you hero for surviving the rank of eighty-five for three long years. Throughout your trials you have assisted the races and creatures of Azeroth, and Outlands. You have also survived the Cataclysm and defeated Deathwing! Clearly your achievements, well documented in the Armory Isles, have not gone unnoticed. For this our fifteenth year, we the Blizzarts bestow yet another reward for your assistance and heroism to the cause!
We have given Breanni the key to unlock the Blizzart assistant. However she will need your help this time in order to give you our precious and adorable pet. She needs an Ice Chip to fit into the mold to create the Blizzart assistant.
Our records on Armory Isle have found that you did not slay the Princess Therazane in the cavernous Maradon. We have left the Ice Chip that you need for Breanni in the throne room of Princess Therazane. Retrieve this chip for Breanni and you shall have your pet.



End part one, let me know what you think and/or if you want more :D

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