{H}Free Life-Binder's Handmaiden 9/19

So, for weeks these have been rotting on DW. We figured as a goodbye to Cataclysm we would bring one lucky random person into DS and hook them up in the last week before MoP. You will get Life-Binder's Handmaiden for free along with experiencing the final encounter of the expansion. If you are interested, I will be in trade 9/19 at 7:30pm server doing invites and stop invites at 7:45pm. It will be a random 1-100 roll, simple as that.


*Must not have done H DW on any toon. Will check armory.

PS Come to my H ICC 25 12/12 Thursday 8pm server and H Ulduar 25 14/14 Friday 8pm server
Remember I gave you potions last week, and you told me you owed me... ;]
ouuuuu i sooo wannna roll im a pro at casinos so i think i could do well.
there is someone in my guild i would like to nominate for this run... her name is Kezzi, she wants to get the DW mount, but they have been fighting severe attendance problems (they get the first 6 bosses down, and no one wants to show up for spine) since they started raiding again 2 weeks ago, trying to get ready for mop... she still hasnt been able to kill heroic DW, and get the mount...

i will try to get her to you so she can roll in time.
Thanks to everyone who showed up and grats to Nikcug.
hehe ;]

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