[A] Glass Memories 8/8HM LFM 2nd 10m grp

Glass Memories is currently recruiting for its 2nd 10m team in MoP. Raid times are not set in stone, although will likely be Tuesday/Wednesday with Monday as a cleanup day. We are looking at times between 6-8 and ending 9-11 ST.

Current Recruitment:

Tanks- Closed

1 Shaman
1 Monk

1 Mage
1 Warlock
1 Rogue/DK

We are looking for a complete spread of classes, and as such the unfilled positions listed above will receive first priority in consideration. However, we will consider duplicating classes for exceptional players. Pst Narcaine, Dipofgriz, or Dipoff ingame for more info.

Bump. Still need heals and dps!

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