Anyone Know if NickFury (Sawedoffsob)is Back?

^^ VIP RBGSS? I swear the guy builds the best groups for rated bgs. We need the best of the best for MoP ^^
This might actually be the saddest thing I have seen in a very long time.
the dude who "comes back" once an xpac, doesnt do Ishh then quietly leaves... nope havent heard from him.
Who is this guy sawedoff ?
-lol. Why / how do u refer to me as nick fury?
-and who the he*l is nick fury im lost..
-as far as i know im the only sawedoff other than hellsbargin's troll sawedoffbrez toon on the arena servers and some fake ally 85 sawedoff druid another hell's troll toons :P
yo and btw.. cool guild tag.. you must havee ninja'd that name from zuljin's prebc pvp horde guild name :) you are clearly DA BEST!

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