Selling Server First Warrior 90

I will NOT get server first warrior 90 for 1 Million gold.

Payment due the night Pandaria releases. Good luck to payer. More luck to those who don't pay.
Good luck to you if I am not working that day.
I will NOT get server first druid 90 for 2 million gold.

i don't really want your money because i am the greatest!
It's on.
Share some of that gold? :D
I literally favorited this thread for some awesome next week ;)
Who cares, you'll still suck.
inb4 bottle exploit
Inb4 he's !@#$ and says he got DDosed?

Or he's actually good... who knows! Good luck!
What were ya selling again??? :)
Loling more.
GRATS TO Nocturne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Was routing for him all along since he whispered me asking how I was doing.
Major sweet-heart that one is - Much deserved.

Was thinking about getting into the race and even started but something...came up.
I'll be posting about it in a couple of days once I've secured it but Noc checkin' in on me a couple times was much appreciated. :>
Grats Nocturne - you were super prepared and really hard to keep up with. Great work!
Baddie denied. Grats Nocturne.
Grats on server fir-

wait nvm.
..... lol calling him a baddie as he lost by 4% exp while you were still in Kun-Lai......
sorry "ARE" still in Kun-Lai
Leveling doesn't take skill.

But of course your friend can continue to talk down to people and continue to be laughed at as long as he keeps trying to flaunt stuff that people either don't care about or isn't even impressive.

Mainly because it was a loss after the fact he bragged about something he probably wouldn't have gotten anyways.

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