W-PvP in Gilneas even possible?

Emerald Dream
So last night I decided to fly to Gilneas to engage in some good ole deady/puppy PvP, upon entering I realized that no matter where I went I was phased out? Is it cause Im too old to have participated in the new Forsaken quest chain? Or are the Worgen and Forsaken permenantly sepparated due to phasing? I was not amused to say the least, there were not even wild animals to mercilessly slay! Also I would find it unfair that the Alliance can come into Silverpine and cause a ruckus *cough* the group of 8sh that owned me continuously *cough*, while I am unable to retaliate. This all assuming my presumption of us being forever separated by phasing is true.
((the phasing out is likely due to a quest chain there. was my experience also in being asked to join a wpvp event in that area. it is such a nice area as well to host an event, but the phasing out really ruins it. the factions can fight there because I was hearing in vent my side talking about lining up against the other side, but I had to leave because I was phased.

its funny the 85s that haven't worked chains in areas in Hyjal can camp 80ish toons without fear of fellow guildies coming in for revenge. well, not so funny because it was one of my toons that was leveling and my main could do nothing about it when flying in-phased/finished))
(Thanks!!! Ill get started on it.)

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