Anyone find Pearl of Pandaria?

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I understand comic shops and book stores got some copies on either Tuesday or Wednesday and I was curious to see if anyone had any luck finding it. Without spoiling, also was curios what they thought of the content.
You can read about the content of it here

that story happens after the pearl of pandaria
Which spoils a 92 page book.

It's no big deal, got my copy of Pearl on release night and read it and Quest end to end. Some of the best stuff I've read from Blizz in a long time. Trust me, Pearl, despite the comic art, is a REAL book and an excellent one at that. Do NOT read Quest for Pandaria until you have read Pearl first or you will be missing a very rich, very deep story.

Can't wait for part two of Quest.
they have Pearl in hardcover at the blizzard store
I was going to suggest Amazon, but it states that it's out of print already? I sincerely hope that is not the case, as I was waiting until my next paycheck to pick it up. =/
Could just be very popular right now, especially with the game launch. Honestly, my whole issue with finding Pearl was that it was supposed to be out in comic shops on the 18th, a week before MoP. Well, that did not pan out where I live, but I got a copy at the launch and really encourage anyone who can to track it down. Good stuff.

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