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Hello, am I currently looking for a guild to raid with in the new MoP Xpac.

I have been playing my warrior as my main since 2008 and have been raiding since the release of naxx in WotLK. I am well experienced in normal mode progression and have a a lot of HM xp though out all of the raids since the end of BC. I have not been raiding that intensely though out Cata, but wish to move on to more focused and serious game play.

I have had a break from wow since the release of Firelands and now I have returned there is no room for another melee DPS in my current guild. I am sure if a character reference was needed my guildies would be happy to help me out :)

If your guild is well established and has had some HM progression since at least Firelands please post a reply or add me in game through RealID ( Tysonswowemail@gmail.com )

I dont mind 25 or 10 man content and would like to raid 2-3 days a week, more if required at the start of the release of content. I am in a +10GMT zone and can raid from 4pm server time to 12pm server times weekdays ( I have allowed for day light saving differences in my availabilities ). In my experience Fridays and weekend raids don't work too well, people always have things popping. So I will pass on weekend raiding guilds, ty.

I maybe interested in a getting a server transfer to find my right place. But, I would need some sort of a guarantee on the raid spot being reserved.

Screen shot of my UI & Layout:


I use a G13 Game pad and it has a lot more keys bound than the screenshot above shows. I just have abilities with CDs displayed on my HuD.

I currently have /Played = 145 days 10hours, 44days 15 hours at 85 on my warrior.

A couple of my note worthy Alts:
Hoedini (Holy Paladin) - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/barthilas/Hoedini/simple
Gobladik (PVP DK) - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmourne/Gobladik/simple

Thanks for you time, hope to hear from all of you!
Hey, you posted to me and now I am posting to you! I would like to interview you when I get home, timetobeme@live.ca is my real ID. However irl work is calling me :p

Tilted Halos (An 8/8 Heroic 10 man progression-oriented, horde guild on Bleeding Hollow US)

Currently recruiting:


Resto/Ele Sham
Dps/Prot Warrior

Additionally, we are always seeking exceptional players regardless of class and spec!

We are female friendly and are supporters of the LGBT community. We prefer our raiders to be at least 18 years of age, and come to raids ready for progression! On our downtime we are all quite social, from running dungeons to pvp, even leveling alts and RBG‘s. It's quite common for people to be hanging in vent and socializing in game!

Our raid days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30-11:30 server (the server is a Eastern Standard Time). We are a loot council guild; For more details on our loot system please inquire, they will be explained during the vent interview.

Our officer includes Chigusa; our GM is me, Celeenia my Real ID is timetobeme@live.ca my battle tag is Cel#1893 feel free to contact us in game for recruitment inquiries. Do not hesitate to contact either of us if you are interested. We look forward to hearing from any and all prospective players. On behalf of the entire Tilted Halos team, we thank you for your time and interest.

We are currently not using a website because we feel for a 10 man it is best to have a vent interview and talk it out and get a feel for the person so they can hear and feel what we are all about!
I am looking for a strong melee dps. I don't know how you feel about going Alliance(you didn't specify in your post). Our guild is not yet established. We are just now starting up. We are composed of all 8/8 HM players who have raided together in previous tiers. We are planning on running 25s in MoP. If you can prove to me somehow that you can pull the numbers we need for progression I can promise you a raid spot. I don't recruit for the bench, I have several friends that will be on casual status to fill in for people who might miss a raid day (these are skilled players). Our raid days are Tues/Wednes/Thurs 7-10 Pacific. If you fit what we need I would be willing to cover your xfer to Alliance.

Hit me up on realid if you're interested...Johnharp86@gmail.com

Best of luck in your search,
Mal- GM of <Strange>
Hello again, thanks for the replies! I am interested in both of your guilds atm, I'll do my home work on you guys.

I have added you both to real I.D. so I will catch you in the world of azeroth!

Faction doesn't worry me too much, although it will be my first time being alliance and I'll be lost in ALL the cities. :/

Either of the guilds have websites with forums?
****We need your class/spec for a CORE raid spot****

Chosen, Saviors of Azeroth - Top US 100 25m Guild - 3 Nights a Week Raiding Schedule.

<Chosen> is a 25m hard mode progression guild on the Alliance side of Ner'zhul. We finished Firelands 7/7 HM & Dragon Soul 8/8 HM.

We raid M/T/Th from 6pm to 9:30pm pst ( 9pm - 12:30am EST). Loot is distributed via a loot council system that awards items based purely on player performance.


Looking for:
• Healers of all classes
• Ranged DPS
• Enh Shaman
• Raider willing to play Mistwalker come MoP
• DPS Death Knight
• Ret pally

• Exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of current class needs.

What <Chosen> Brings to You:

• A raiding core that has been together for multiple years starting from the previous
expansion with players from multiple top 50 US guilds.
• An environment where performance is valued above all else.
• Like minded, progression oriented raiders.
• Repairs, gems and enchants are provided by the guild bank to raider ranked players.
• You will be recruited for a core raiding spot in the guild, not for the bench.

What is needed from you:

• You should be, above all else, motivated to kill heroic bosses.
• Your attendance needs to be at least 90%. You will be an integral part of our raid group
and not recruited for the bench.
• Know your class. DPS: Always be able to put out the maximum amount of damage your
class/gear is capable of. Healers: If a fight calls for seven healers, be motivated to
attempt it with four or five.
• Quickly be able to understand new fight mechanics. This current tier of raiding introduces
mechanics that haven't been seen in previous tiers, your goal is to master them in the
least possible number of attempts.
• You must be able to receive constructive criticism. Everyone makes mistakes, what will
set you apart from other players is the ability to recognize a problem and be able to work
through it.

If you're interested in joining <Chosen> apply at www.chosennerzhul.com. Also contact us through realid at: scottyj117@hotmail.com
Hello there Hatting,

With roots digging as deep as vanilla wow release day, Lethe is a competitive raiding guild Alliance side recently transferred from the Laughing Skull Server(In top 5 guilds). We are in really desperate need of an offtank/dps warrior. We are a 10 man raiding core and we love the tight community we have established for ourselves.

I can guarantee that spot but you have to be willing to learn your prot spec if this interests you by any chance replay via this forum post or at my battletag remy#1870.

Notable Guild Achievements

Mad.Deathwing Dec 2, 2011 World-1616 Us-647 Realm-4
H: Ragnaros ~Dec 28, 2011 World-2215 US-568 Realm-5
H: Cho'gall ~Oct 21, 2011 World-4500 US-1300 Realm-9
Val'kyr Twins (25)Aug 26, 2009 World-42 US-42 Realm-1

Ty for your time :)
Heya Hatting!

Our guild may be a fit for you! I'll try to keep this short.
<Alone>, alliance guild of Aerie Peak (US-PVE) is looking for a warrior for a core raid spot! We are a 25man raiding guild. Our current progression is 8/8 in heroic 25man Dragon Soul (got DW after spine nerf at 5%, server first). We raid Mondays through Thursdays, 7-10 EST. If you can make 4 raid days and you like shorter, earlier raid times in a relaxed/friendly atmosphere, but serious raiding (US 58th 25man), this is the guild for you! We also provide guild repairs, flasks, pots and enchants for all our core raiders, so you can forget about farming! Loot: Loot council. We usually do alt runs on the weekends. This covers all the most important info. If you are interested, check us out at www.aloneguild.com and fill out and application.
If you have any questions send me a msg or look for me in game.

realID: domen.plut@guest.arnes.si
Please consider the time zone difference when posting for me to contact you. I have had a few good guild fall short because their raid times.

I live in Australia and would like to raid between the times of

  • 4pm and 12am (GMT+10)
  • 2am - 10am (EST)
  • Thanks! Please keep the interest coming.

    P.S. To answer Shadowmich's question regarding tanking. I am willing to organize myself a tank spec and set. How ever wish to remain DPS as my primary role. I understand that it is sometimes a requirement for a plate melee dps to be a 3rd tank.
    We are a Horde guild residing on US-Shattered Hand (PVP EST). 25H hardcore raiding is our primary focus, with the intent of pushing top 20 US in MoP. The Business was created with the belief that guilds fail because of their leadership. Whether it be poor attendance, bad players, drama, or whatever, guilds fail because of the way in which the management responds. In The Business we are not elitist meanies, however we will push everyone to achieve their full potential and we are experienced enough to handle any problems the guild could come across. We run a very tight ship. We realize that this is a game, but at the same time we realize that people who want to raid at a high level look to take it seriously. Our goal is to find players that possess the same passion for the game that we do!

    Raid Schedule: Sunday-Thursday 8:30 pm - 12:30 pm EST

    Website: www.TheBusinessGaming.com

    Loot System: Loot Council. Loot is a tool for progression, and during progression it will be given to whatever role needs it the most, whether it be tanks or dps.

    In Game Contacts:


    Current Recruitment Needs: (exceptional applicants of any spec/role are always taken into consideration, regardless of current needs)

    Holy Paladin
    Resto Shaman

    Druid(Moonkin & Feral Dps)
    Shadow Priest
    Shaman(Ele or Enh)

    Resto Druid

    Applicant Expectations:

    A minimum of 90% attendance is required for trials & 80% for members – includes being timely for invites and posting out via website forums if you are unable to attend a raid
    100% knowledge of your class and spec, being viable at your OS is a huge plus
    100% prepared for all encounters (thorough research on your class, every raid encounter, and the two in relation)
    Mumble and a working microphone is a necessity, with the ability to speak up clearly when needed
    A positive attitude
    Most importantly, you must put the guild's goals before your personal goals (we will accomplish anything any individual would want to as one team)

    Final Notes:

    We are a progression guild and as a result of that we are not a perfect fit for everyone. If you are okay with not clearing content fully prior to nerfs, or don’t feel that you should have to put your time in to consistently research your class or boss mechanics, then please DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR OURS!

    Bump to the top!

    I am still looking for a suitable guild. Please keep in mind my available raid times

      4pm and 12am (GMT+10)
      2am - 10am (EST)


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