Not seeing pets on character selection screen

I noticed that ever since 5.0.4 I no longer see my current pet behind my warlock on the character selection screen. Same with a low level hunter of mine. Is this some kind of bug or did they remove them for some reason?
Probably was removed with the change to the login screen background.
Probably logging out while mounted/flying. That's the only time they don't show up for me.
I noticed they're not showing up sometimes, but other times yes.

My Wrathguard always appears though, albeit without weapons.
I logged out with Grimoire of Sacrifice running. My Blueberry was standing behind me on the login screen.
It seems the Grimoire of Supremacy demons always show up, but my beloved Succubus hardly shows up on the character selection screen anymore :( I hope this is fixed! I want my succubus by my character's side at all times :D
Since the expansion. I have not been able to see any or my demons.
Also the same goes for my Hunter. None of the pets that I have show up on the Character Selection page.

Hey Fluffycakes. I agree. I like having my Succubus by my side.
09/29/2012 01:11 AMPosted by Rollinstoned
Dismount before logging out and make sure that you have a Demon summoned.

I tried that and it did not work.
Happens on and off for both of us in our household, for both Warlock and Hunter combat pets. It may happen less with Pandaria introduced combat pets. It may happen less logging out with character in the barber shop. Very strange and seems consistent to a character once it happens but varies over time and between characters.

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