Neutral AH sniper in Booty Bay


I have been seeing this player quite frequently. She is usually afk around the goblin auctioneer who's next to the bank. She does not respond to getting attacked. When killed she does not resurrect. I tested her a few times with random cataclysm items and she usually buys them out within a second. Be careful if you are transferring.
Interesting. With multiple goblin auction houses, that's probably a very hard thing to mitigate. =(
It's usually a bot. Report that !@#$.
China bots. They are all over the place. Some are using the teleport hack to warp from node to node to gather.
This guy also pays quite a lot for ghost iron ore.
There is another guy. He was standing near the wall in the lower floor AH in Booty Bay so it was a bit harder to see him. I was interested in seeing how fast he buys out my items so I bought a few hundred stacks of refreshing spring water from the bar guy in the inn. I started posting a few stacks of 1 for 1 copper buyout. That was apparently too much for him though. I switched to stacks of 5 for 1 copper buyout. The result is this
Actually I bought it all because you flooded the auction house and I couldn't track my ALT's sales from my other account. I also reported you for that incident. As far as I know a bot won't buy 20 refreshing waters for 1 copper, that dosen't make sence.

Thanks for the 7 silver! <3
11/01/2012 10:36 AMPosted by Palladium

Hahaha your comment actually made me giggle in real life. Simple, but yet so effective.

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