[A] Potential X-Fer SPriest LF MoP Raid Guild

Hey everyone! I'll jump right into it:

I'm looking to get back into the game after one year of taking an extended hiatus. I really didn't like the direction Cata was taking, and in my opinion (and what seems to be the community consensus) the worst x-pac. But I'm back like I knew I would be for Mists. I am currently on a server, that for a lack of better words, I don't feel like playing on for Mists. I am currently horde, but I am planning on going back to my roots (alliance) and changing servers. After some research, I found this server on my "wishlist" if you will.

Here's some things about me related to the game mainly:

  • I've been playing since Vanilla, and have raided every expansion.
  • This is the character I played back then, aka, Arclight has been my main for 7 odd years.
  • I've ran multiple guilds, and have been in multiple guilds, all ranging in terms of raiding.
  • Before I quit Cata, I was GM of a 2/7 or 3/7 (can't remember exactly) Heroic Pre-nerf guild.
  • I am without a doubt, a great raider, whether your talking about actual character skill, personality wise, or knowing the ins and outs of what raiding is all about.
  • I'm 21 years old.
  • I live on the East Coast, and somehow managed to go to Blizzcon in '10!
  • (It was awesome)

    The following are some limitations I currently have:

    -- Cannot raid Thursday's. Monday's are up in the air right now. (Both for college reasons, last semester however! AKA, these nights will become raidable after mid-December)

    -- I am a manager IRL. Even though I make my own schedule, some things I cannot change, and I might have to miss a raid. But remember, I said I was a GM before I quit, and I was at the same job. I managed to make every raid, and progressed into Heroic Pre-Nerf content. It would be once on a blue moon that I would have to miss a raid.

    What am I looking for?

    -- I'm not looking for a server first raiding guild, nor am I looking for a guild that stops in between bosses for some RP'ing. I hate using the term "semi-hardcore", because that is a cop-out, but it is the easiest way to describe what I'm looking for. Your slightly above average raiding guild, nothing to crazy :)

    -- An excellent guild roster. You will find that I am a social person once you hand over your Ventrilo info. I don't want a guild that has 1 person on vent 5 minutes before the raids, fills up during, and then at 12am, I'm the only one left in it. That always drove me nuts. (I'm not to the point of annoying though, at least they tell me)


    I make websites here and there. I'm not talking about those template wow guild sites either. If you fit all the above criteria, and I fit yours, and your website is lacking, I'm your guy. I just spent the last month working on a new website for my work, so I could use that code to make a bad !@# website. (I work at a party center/lan center so the themes would be similar.)

    If you are interested in me, please respond here, or add me on RealID with a little note saying your interested, that way I don't insta decline.


    I really want to make this happen before Monday night, leveling with my new guild would give me time to get to know everyone, especially with the hard-reset x-pac's provide.

    Thanks in advance! - Arclight - Shadow Priest
    Well, i cant promise rping, but I can promise a great atmosphere for raiding and such. If you are interested in a semi hardcore weekend raiding guild, check out our recruitment post http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6606782048#2
    and/or website www.catch22.shivtr.com. Drop an app while your there, and lets see how it goes
    I will be in touch tonight hope we can find you a fit.

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