[A] Chaotic Serenity - LF RBGs & 10m for MoP


Chaotic Serenity (25) (8/8Hm DS) are currently looking for more players to join their ranks

Formerly limited to a semi-hardcore 10m raiding guild, Chaotic Serenity are looking to expand our ranks and use our resources to delve into PvP officially.

As such, we are currently looking for dedicated and hard working RBG Leader to organise the whole show. If this is you, feel free to contact me with your cool story via email to iainstanley@live.com.au. Include past achievements and leadership experience.

If leadership isn't for you but slaying your enemy is, please also forward an email through to myself.

Chaotic Serenity completed 8/8hm in DS many moons ago and has farmed it weekly since. We wish to keep rolling into MoP with the same passion for clearing content whilst enjoying ourselves along the way. In the past we have run 2 concurrent raid groups and will be looking to expand our ranks out to do this again.

Once again, if interested, please just shoot through an email to myself with a link to your toon and your cool story.

Chaotic Serenity is a mature guild, and take our raiding, and soon to be RBGs, seriously. We realise, however, that (most) people don't live on WoW, and as such our overarching philosophy is that real life comes before WoW; always. If this an arrangement that seems to suit you, please feel free to drop me line either by email or in game.



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