Im looking for someone who will recruit me for RAF. I will buy all of the expansions as long as you can provide gold and are willing to play as much as possible. I am hoping we can level at least one character to level 80 by the time MoP comes out.
Rolling on Illidan Horde.. might possibly go somewhere else but it will take a lot considering all of my friends are here on Illidan.
and the email you want the raf sent to is?
09/15/2012 02:42 PMPosted by Armies
and the email you want the raf sent to is?

I would assume he'd like to speak to someone that is interested first rather than just have random people sending raf invites to him.
possibly but he didnt exactly leave any contact information for that either
true. maybe he wants an in-game mail?
but he didnt say that either
I JUST WANT my monk to be lvl 80 on the first day! why can't it be easy to find someone to refer
i got plenty of time to dedicate to this got the gold for your bags professions riding and will even buy the first character we do full 310 in adition to 10k for future endevors i got mumble skype and vent

feel free to mail me or add me obby#1171
Im in if you need help, willing to play 12 per day
u get a partner yet ?
im interested i need to level a panda since they didnt put exp cap restriction on pandas
I have a RaF Account atm thats good until Novemeber and i was dual boxing but it was so boring :/ All you would need to do is pay the 15 bucks for 1 month and i'd love to level with someone else! The account only has up until Wotlk so there is no monks on that account unless you upgrade :/. Hit me up if interested, if you level with me and can play the same time as me and hardcore level with me i'll just let you have the account lol.

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