WTB Lvl 15-25 Guild

Get with me or Tippz in-game or by mail for offers.
Skype: Benxeen

Prices are open for negotiation depending on the level of the guild and number of Tabs.
I would prefer the guild already be located on Illidan.

Just for clarification:

Looking for Guilds between level 15 and 25.
"WTB Lvl 15-25 Guild"

Since you seem to be missing the point, let me help you out:

1. You make a post saying "ZOMG WTB A GILD LEVUL 15-25!!11!"
2. I link to SIX different active threads title "WTS Guild" on the first two pages alone
3. You fail to catch the utter laziness that has grabbed you by the two small cells you call balls, and feel that retyping your first post's title in a new post is somehow going to... you fill in the blank here.
09/16/2012 08:57 PMPosted by Boxibrown

09/16/2012 08:57 PMPosted by Boxibrown

09/16/2012 08:57 PMPosted by Boxibrown

"WTS level 25 guild"
"WTS Level 25 Guild"
"Selling level 25 Horde guild"
"WTS LVL 25 Guild"
"WTS Level 25 Guild"
All I see are a bunch of 25's with prices I may or may not like. There's a reason for the 15 in the post. You need to chill out kid.

If you don't have the gold to comfortably buy a level 25 guild, don't ask for them.

Buy a lower level one.

Set your standards at a realistic level. Kid.

Pro tip:
Level 25 is the most common level of guilds sold on Illidan. Why, you may ask? I'll tell ya!

You see, people like gold. Level 25s sell for the most. Ta-daaaaaah.
My man all with the Kids.
Shall I just start posting memes? We seem to be derailing pretty fast these days.
09/16/2012 09:05 PMPosted by Boxibrown
Shall I just start posting memes?

Might help you seem more intelligent.
relevant post are relevant dawg
Kinda like destructible rocks eh?

Still looking for guilds. Especially ones that are not level 25 yet.
Bump. Still looking.
Bump. Still looking.
Bump. Still looking.
Boxi you need to beware of certain "elements" of the Illidan forums who are well known for being trolls. Mint is one of them. We'll probably see a few more but if you browse through the various posts you'll notice a pattern of the same 3-5 people who troll each and every post, OR, if they're the original poster then they do nothing but stroke each other all thread.

Fair warning.

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