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I realise there are probably not that many people still around from back when FU was an active guild, but I figured I'd try my luck anyway.

I was trying to find videos of boss kills by our guild, but all the websites used to host videos back then have long since gone down. None of us seem to have saved any of those videos and I thought it'd be nice to watch them again.

There are a few crappy videos on youtube but they are only about the last minute of some fights (C'thun, Ouro and Patchwerk) and are very low quality.

All videos are welcome, but what I was hoping for was to get my hands on the videos made by Lorwyn back in BC, most notably Felmyst, but I think he made others as well. Evilwarlock also made a few videos of our 10man in Wotlk, although those were technically not full FU runs I suppose.

Appreciate any help in this matter, bye!
Lorwyn just got back from Afghanistan yesterday. I can ask him if he still has them around when I see him, but no guarantees.

EDIT: He texted me back, "No, I wish I did." Sorry, no dice there.
Ahh, thanks for trying anyway. Maybe someone that reads this will have them somewhere.

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