9/16 lvl25 is kinda like god now recruiting!

Area 52
is kinda like god is now recruiting for the upcoming xpac , we're currently looking for:

1 spriest/boomkin w/ heal os

Raid times are tues/thurs 7-11 EST (may change depending on schedule conflict during the week)

We will also accept any casual player that just want guild perks/group to run 5man/scenario and stuff!

Battletag: Boby4battle#1807
accomplishing every hard fights since wotlk including realm first yogg 0
A realm first yogg 0 kill the same month Paragon downed heroic LK is nothing to advertise....
Cut 'em some slack, Deus.

6 hour raid week is like nothing.
thanks for the bump !@#$%^s , appreciate it

spelling is hard

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