<Not Addicted>(8/8H) recruiting for MoP

Not Addicted is recruiting for Mists! If you are looking for a home in Mists of Pandaria, we may be the guild for you. Our core has been raiding together for more than a year, and we want more solid raiders to be a part of that.


    Focus: Progression. Ultimately, this is the most important thing in our guild.

    Raid Times: 8:30-12:00; Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday.

    Website: www.notaddicted.net

    Apply: http://notaddicted.wowstead.com/recruitment

    In-Game Contacts: Revilgaz, Telerithis, Plaguewall, Vallgav

What we want from you:

    Mature and drama free attitude. If you have a problem with someone, talk to an officer. Please note we do care about language. The way you talk says something about you, so we keep it PG-13.

    High attendance. We focus on progression. We can't progress with absent raiders.

    Skill. You should know your class and be able to perform exceptionally with it.

    Preparation. It's especially important with the new expansion that you optimize your character before the raid and bring consumables to the raid. Just because it's not rare or epic doesn't mean an item can go unoptimized.

    Drive. Don't join our guild if you're going to drop guild as soon as things aren't going quite how you want them.

What you get from us:


    Friendly Atmosphere

    Other raiders fulfilling the above criteria


    With recruitment for MoP, we're looking for any and all classes and specs.
I approve of this.

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