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"We're gonna turn this place into rubble! Hehe..." Sky Captain "Dash" said to his crew as they flew over Theramore, moving into position to drop the Mana-bomb directly on top of the city-state. "Here goes nothing! Let's show these Alliance dogs how the Horde fights!" At that the goblin airmen moved to release the Mana-bomb and as they did the horns sounding the Horde ground assault upon Theramore could be heard.

That was the only warning Lady Jaina Proudmoore was given that Theramore was under attack, and the whistling sound of the Mana-bomb dropping to throw up a protective barrier as the purple energies of the bomb swirled around Theramore creating a massive crater within the center of the city.


"Move up! Take all the supplies you can find and defend the peons as they build up our defenses! The Alliance will come to take revenge!" Warlord Rok'nah shouted at the Horde soldiers as they entered the city, the seige engines they used to batter down the gates moving into defense positions pointing towards the Harbor where Alliance ships and crewmen could be seen scurrying about trying to figure out what happened. As the Horde forces started to move Horde ships, including the flying Zepplin, moved to land in the Harbor as the Alliance were forced back unto one measly ship where a lone mage cast a portal to draw in a small strike team of Alliance soldiers to help fight off the Horde...


"Alliance soldiers need to fight for Theramore! Take revenge for the fallen! All hands needed!" Was the cry that went up as soon as what had happened reached Stormwind. Any able body soldier was needed to fight off the Horde. A lone warrior was the first to answer the call, stepping up and saluting the Alliance officer in charge of sending soldiers through, "Master Sergeant Silver Longshadow reproting for duty sir." He said, his voice rough, from what can easily be seen is a lot of smoking, the intoxicating aroma of cigar smoke wafting away from him and the cigar sticking out of his mouth.

The officer simply nodded and point at the portal, "Wait here for a few others and then go through, you'll be leading a squad Sergeant, try not to get yourselves killed." Silver simply saluted, nodding as he moved off to the side waiting to grab a few others who looked like hardened veterans. "Let's get the party started..." He muttered to himself, puffing out a ring of smoke above his head.


Welcome! As you all know the scenario was released yesterday and I thought it would be fun to RP the event out!

So basically since I've only really seen it from the Alliance side we will be doing it along the Alliance side of things, where we will fight to save Lady Jaina Proudmoore and the Focusing Iris, but Horde players do not fret! You can work to stop us! Fighting against us in Theramore with added bonuses not put in the scenario that I think will make this fun!

So basic rules for most Closed RPs and here is the Sign-up form!!!!!

Weapons and Armor:
Basic History:

And here we go!

Character List:


1. Sulnrok
2. Galaire


1. Silver Longshadow (Ashokk)
2. Jaszmin Shadowstar
3. Andrew Macher
4. Istella Kincaid
5. Adrian Octavian (Dristis)


1. Valamurne Silverhawk
2. Seyliane Eversong
3. Drugh Bonecrusher (Jeramayan)
4. Kal'tharon Dawnshadow (Lia)
And ug it made me post it on Tyrale how rude.
Well... I haven't RPed on the forums in awhile... this sounds interesting.
09/19/2012 08:52 PMPosted by Valamunre
Well... I haven't RPed on the forums in awhile... this sounds interesting.

Please do come back for my thread Val I've missed RP'ing with you :3
Consider this a reserve, I just don't know if I'd use Horde or Alliance. I've only seen the Horde scenario and not the Alliance.

I guess that's what youtube's for :D
Name: Jaszmin Shadowstar

Race: Kaldorei

Gender: female

Faction: Alliance

Age: 1358

Description: Lean and toned with a grace of the panther stalking. Deep purple hair and silver eyes with a cast of violet. Her manner is quiet and reserved, but she is all business when it comes to fighting.

Weapons and Armor: Leather crafted dark armor with bits of dragon scales here and there for extra resillience. A cloak of subtle shading that blends into almost any color makes it easy for her to hide almost anywhere. In her boots, sleeves and anywhere a conceivable hiding place can be found knives and shuriken, easily thrown and enchanted to return each time. Her sharpened hand axe has a hook on the back useful for disarming her foes. The short sword in her other hand has a serrated edge to pierce the toughest armor. Both are heavily coated with poisons to slow down and silence an enemy.

Basic History: Jazzy has a long and colorful history. From the many smaller wars to the most recent. She has acted as spy, agent for the Kaldorei and even occationally for the Dalaran mages. She was quite useful in Icecrown and found many of the hidden pockets of Scourge that eluded most agents. Her stealth skills are seldom equaled, and her ability to track is uncanny. It has been hinted she learned from a blood elf, but no proof of that has ever been uncovered.

Her personal history includes a love affair that left her hardened and alone. Her only joy now is killing Horde, of whatever race. Little joy is found in her eyes now, her heart has grown cold and bitter.
I should probably actually do the scenario before RPing this...
09/19/2012 09:38 PMPosted by Dristis
I should probably actually do the scenario before RPing this...

You don't have to

Consider this a reserve, I just don't know if I'd use Horde or Alliance. I've only seen the Horde scenario and not the Alliance.

I guess that's what youtube's for :D

Don't worry about doing the scenario to sign up a character its fine if you haven't done it yet :P
I've already done the Horde scenario, just debating whether or not which faction I'd like to sign up. I'm thinking Grace, since I like Silver and Grace RPing together, but there are other Horde toons I'm exploring.
Name:Andrew Macher
Race: Human
Faction: Alliance
Description: Well built, he has an air of superiority with an attitude to match. He is well muscled and toned, he is bald. His eyes are a bright blue color, reminding one of an ocean.

Weapons and Armor: Andrew wields a single light war hammer in one hand. That looks to be fashioned out of a combination of ore's to form a stronger mace, his shield is a normal issued shield painted with the picture of a fly on it. And also on his back he wields a long pole arm that is grooved in many place's on the metal designed for disarming and tearing of flesh. His armor is a light chain mail allowing him to move around and hopefully out maneuver his opponents before they can get a strike off.

Basic History:Born to a minor noble family, Andrew was a natural born leader, from the time of when he was young to his adult year's. But his younger years was when the war claimed his father, and he was slain dishonorably by what he heard was a male orc. Since then his life has taken a darker turn as he forgot the learning of proper etiquette from his many tutors to learning how to fight. At the age of 18 he joined the military, and quickly rose through the ranks for his ability to command and lead other soldiers. But with this status he also took on an air of superiority, just like his father's some say.

Name: Reaper
Race: Forsaken
Gender: Male
Age: ??
Description: Not much to him, his skin is pale, his eye's glow a yellowish grey color. His fingers are still covered in skin, along with most of his body. If one saw from a distance one would think he was alive.
Weapons and Armor: He does not wear any armor, as he is barely viable, but he move's from shadow to shadow. His two weapons are two dagger's each glowing a wicked red color.

Basic History: He does not remember much of his past, the past he does remember is shattered and come's back on his good days. He is known for his cruelty even to other forsaken, and has broken many insubordinate minds. Most of the people who command him are careful to stay in bright are's, as he is willing to plant a dagger in a superiors throat. All he knows and live's by is to serve the Banshee Queen and to help further his own goals in life, to kill the man who killed him for fighting back.

((So hope the horde character is alright, he is a Shadows Ascendant.




Name: Jonas Blackthorne, Jr
Race: Human
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Faction: Alliance

Description: Blond hair, bluish eyes and tall. He wears gold-plated mail armor that his mother made for him. Wields a two-handed sword he has come to call Dawnstar. Inside each of his boots are daggers. Both daggers are elven-made.

Basic History: Jonas Blackthorne, Jr was born into a minor noble family of Stormwind, along with his younger brother Tobias and his father, Jonas senior. Jonas's family moved to Kalimdor when the plague of undeath struck Lordaeron. When the Third War was over, Jonas's father and mother fell in love and moved back to Stormwind, along with Silas Blackthorne, Jonas's uncle.

Jonas Blackthorne, Sr. was saved at an arena in Outland where he was forced to fight. Since being saved, Jonas senior had vanished yet again and his son vowed to search for him. Jonas eventually found out that his father had gone to Theramore to "pay off a debt", or so a letter from his father had said. Jonas now fears that his father died in defending Theramore. Anger now festers in his heart.

Despite being from a minor noble family, Jonas never uses his real surname in public, and uses the made-up name of Jonas Lightfoot. He has his reasons for doing this which are too complicated to go into right now.

Jonas's mother, Tabitha, has become one of the "new" Forsaken after being captured in the Battle of Gilneas.

Weapons and Armor: He wields a two-handed sword he has named Dawnstar. He wears gold-plated mail armor that his mother made for him. Has a dagger in each of his boots
Name: Galaire Moonwalker
Age: 389
Gender: Female
Faction: Alliance

Description: She stands at 7 feet tall and has long green hair. She wears dark leather armor and has two swords and at least three daggers hidden on her person at all times. Has several rings on each hand which are plunder from her various adventures around the world of Azeroth.

Weapons and Armor: Two Swords, three daggers. Her leather armor is as black as night and she has excellent stealth.

Basic History: Prior to the Third War, she served in the Sentinels for many years. She was at the Battle of Mount Hyjal where she met--however briefly--Lady Jaina Proudmoore. After the Third War, Galaire was involved with SI:7's covert mission in Icecrown Citadel.

((Galaire's husband, Clawfyre Greyshanks, is also coming along with her. I'll write him up later))

EDIT: I have missed you so much, Ashokk and Jaszmin!!
Name: Clawfyre Greyshanks
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Faction: Alliance

Description: In human form, Clawfyre stands just over 6 feet. He has short brown hair and hazel eyes and he has an eye-patch over one of them. A scar runs through one of his eyes that has the eye-patch over it. In worgen form, Clawfyre gains a foot in height and has darkish-brown fur with a spot of grey on his chin. He also has several scars on his face.

Weapons and Armor: Light black leather armor along with two swords and 2 daggers.

Basic History: Clawfyre came from a family of merchants when the Curse came to him. His memories before the Curse are sketchy and to his knowledge he has no living relatives. The only thing he remembers from back then is his real name; Gordon. But he now uses his 'worgen name' and only rarely will he respond to his real name.

After pursuing Galaire for a while, the two eloped somewhere in Elwynn Forest and they live together in Goldshire.
((im really interested in this but it would be way to frustrating to post from my phone, I'll be throwing a post up later today))
Aw damnit Ashokk, you had to go and make a thread I want to sign up for. -.-


09/19/2012 08:43 PMPosted by Tyræl
Basic History:
How 'basic' a history are you looking for?


Only two post slots, Istella.
Rakmisuul I'm going to X the shadow ascendant sorry also I'm going to ask people to only use 1 character for this story please! I know we all love to use multiple characters but please only post up 1 for this!

09/20/2012 07:18 AMPosted by Dristis
Only two post slots, Istella.

You can make it as long as you want Istella I don't mind.

Next Rak I like the human and am accepting him but let me say it right now he is not in charge. Silver is :)

Lia SIGN UP!!!!!

Val its not the same Silver I'm doing some revamping for my characters as I want some more spice! ;)

Also accepted Jazzy

If everyone I have listed as a reserved posts a sign up then this is closed!
Oh goodie! I can just copy and paste then. ^_^

Name: Istella Kincaid

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Faction: Alliance

Age: 20

Istella is 5’9” and sturdily built. She has broad, muscular shoulders and seems to have a permanent tan which even darkens into a minor sunburn in places. Despite her young age, she already has crow’s feet beginning to form around her eyes; the kind you get from squinting in the hot sun for years on end. She has long black hair and brown eyes. On the inside of her left forearm, usually covered by her bracers, is a tattoo; just a sequence of plain black letters and numbers, running like a list down her arm. She wears a silver nose ring in her right nostril (mostly just to annoy her instructors and superior officers.)

Weapons and Armor:
Istella’s gear is an ill-fitting set of hand me down platemail that was made to provide a balanced combination of protection and mobility, at the expense of excelling at neither. She takes as good care of it as she is able, but it’s pretty old and worn. On the other hand, her silver-hilted hand-and-a-half sword and shield bearing the blue and white Stormwind crest are in immaculate condition. She always wears a Stormwind tabard over her armor.

(Basic) History:
Istella grew up dirt-poor on a small farm in Westfall. She had four brothers, one older and three younger. Times were lean, and her father got a job at the nearby mine in addition to working the farm. When she was eight, he was killed in a cave-in. Her youngest brother contracted pneumonia soon after and the family, having no money for medicine and unable to summon a healer, could do nothing for him as he grew sicker and died. Despite all of the family’s hardships, her mother is a very pious and faithful woman, who tried to pass those traits on to her remaining children. Instead, Istella grew up wild and resentful. When she was an angry, angsty teen, she fell in with the wrong crowd, and became a low-ranking member of the Defias.

One night she snuck out to participate in a robbery. Her mother discovered her missing and sent Istella's oldest brother (who had become the ‘man of the house’ since their father’s death) to find her and bring her back. When he caught up with them he argued with the man leading the group and tried to drag her home. There was a scuffle and the leader stabbed him in the back. Istella immediately turned on the Defias and killed the one who had injured her brother, the others ran. She tried to save her brother and managed to get him home, but it was too late and he bled to death shortly after they arrived. Guilt-ridden, Istella defected from the Defias, going to the authorities and giving them all the information she had on the organization.

A combination of crushing shame, her mother’s insistence, and the fact that the Defias were hunting her as a traitor made her go to Stormwind and apply to join the order of paladins in the city. There she is determined to turn over a new leaf, and somehow make up for what she has done. She trained in the Cathedral with the other paladin recruits under Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker. More recently, she has been sent out on different tours in both the Plaguelands and Northrend, often times working alongside the Argents.

09/20/2012 07:18 AMPosted by Dristis
Only two post slots, Istella.
Don't stifle my creativity. :'(
I suppose I'll get one up. I was just jokan' with Istella.

Name: Adrian Octavian
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Faction: Alliance
Age: 25
Description: Standing around 6' even, he has a slightly large muscular build. Short hair that always seems to be messy, a body covered in scars and a boisterous attitude to mask the fact that he deals with traumatic stress from the conflicts he's been involved in. His go-to comfort is alcohol and his Death Knight brother.

Weapons and Armor: His rifle is a modified Wolfslayer sniper rifle. Only one barrel, which can twist off to make the rifle into a carbine, a pistol grip and bipod. He has two short Gladii as melee weapons crossing his lower back. His armor is cloth pants and jacket, a plate vest that just covers his vital organs on his front and back, a knee-pad on his right knee and black boots. He wears Engineer goggles with different features that help his marksmanship.

Basic History: Born two years after his brother Dristis, they grew up as inseparable friends. His brother followed their father, learning as a Paladin while Adrian had an uncanny skill in marksmanship. They both grew up and went their separate paths, but always finding time for eachother. Adrian was drafted by the Alliance to fight the Horde, Burning Legion, and the Scourge. Fighting through Outlands and Northrend put a lot of stress on the Marksman, and with no healthy ways to deal with it, he turned to alcohol through out the campaigns. Since those two, he became a Sergeant and did less fighting during the Sundering than his last two wars. Now he just goes where he's needed or just wants to go, usually without Alliance orders.

(I'll change whatever needs to be)

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