The Fall of Theramore (Sign-ups/OOC)

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Le sigh this is taking longer than expected to get people to post, I hit 90 so I shall wait one more day then I will post again :(
I'm just waiting on Vyn, Jera, or Rak.
ill get a post u this afternoon val
meh i'll get a post up later. Sorry I will check it from now on.
Excellent news I will wait to post till later tonight.

Still missing Jazzy, Istella and a few others??
I am here, Ashok, I did post, just waiting for others to do something. Since you did not want Jazzy out and about sabataging she is holding a goblin rogue prisoner who attempted to backstab SIlver. If you want I can torture him a little...carve a few more notches into his ears...that sort of thing. He is an npc and you cah question him on what is happening, use him to set things up, I don't care. Or I can just kill him and toss his pathetic grenn body into the bay for the fishes.
I have my post drafted, it's a realize to Val and rak I will post it when i get Internet at my house. Should be by 110 pst
wheres everyone at?
I was at work, but now that I'm here, and with posts from you and Rak (thank you!), I can work on a post.
So did my attack land Rak, i need to know what happens when i hit you so i can draft my next post.
ya, he just has readied him self for the impact sorry for misunderstanding.
In your post though, you have to tell me what happened. Did we grapple from the standing position? Did i spear you to the ground? Did i Miss entirely? Your post just says that your ready for the attack, not what happens with the attack. I cant land a blow on you without your consent, so you have to tell me, what my spear attempt did to your character.
From reading Rak's post Jera you can assume you've taken him to the ground.

Also I will get a post up to get Silver in on that action after he talks to Jazzy.
ok will do
First time really RPing, Sorry >.<
Yea, I'll post later when Ashok does.

I had nothing to really go on
I apologize controlling your char rak, I tried to do so as little as possible, and to make the match as even as possible. If you would like me to change any part of my post, i have no problem doing it.
It is fine working on reply.
I think I'm going to bow out from this.

I'm occupied with the game too much and I'm not seeing any way I can really get involved with the fighting without Seyl ending up getting killed off. Because powerful casters do tend to attract attention. I just didn't realise the 'PvP' would start so early.

Guess I should have thought about it more before signing up. Sorry to waste everyone's time.
Not moving much since you said you had plans Ashok. If you are giving up on this let us know. I am waiting for your input.

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