Any lore experts care to give some advice?

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Hello everyone.
I was just curious if somewhere in Warcraft lore there are humans that resemble our world's Gaelic people. I want to play my character like a Scottish warrior and was hoping that there was some reference somewhere in the lore that supports something like this.
So does anyone have any ideas? I would very much appreciate it.

p.s. Before you say it, no, I'm not gonna just make a dwarf.
A human from the Arathi Highlands might be your best bet in my opinion.
If your character grew up around a lot of dwarves it's entirely plausible he could have picked up some of their mannerisms. I don't think there's anything really in the lore to support an offshoot of humans like you describe, but just having a strong dwarven influence in the background should be more than enough no?

Someone from the Wetlands/Arathi regions who perhaps practised his craft in Ironforge before all the unrest, for example.
There isn't a whole lot of lore about them, but the Harvest Witches of Gilneas are very reminiscent of Celtic Druids. There seems to be a good deal of influence there. Might not have the Scottish accent, but maybe you could play that up in terms of culture.

Unless it's taboo to be A.) a non-cursed Gilnean and/or B.) a follower of the ways of the Harvest Witches without nature magic powers.

Just a suggestion.
I would assume from what you are saying that you are looking for a traditionally Gaelic or Scottish human. I would have to agree with earlier posts.

Being raised in Loch Modan or the Arathi Highlands would most likely be the ideal beginning . Being raised amongst dwarves and taking on their mannerisms and culture would be ideal for that background. When reading our post this is what I was thinking.

Your father served King Llane Wyrnn as both a champion soldier and an ambassador to numerous lands throughout his service. In his time he befriended a dwarf, who always spoke of his home in Loch Modan (or Arathi Highlands). Your father would laugh and say he would like to one day build a cottage in Loch Modan (or Arathi Highlands), and spend his time raising his son. Your father's service to the King was nearly over, he married the daughter of a farmer, who left his farm in Elwyn Forest to your mother and father, and was also where you were born. Your father's loyalty to the King provided you with a great education and allowed you to build a friendship with Prince Varian. Both of your parents were killed when Garona Halforcen betrayed the King, and led the Horde to raise Stormwind and it's land. While Varian and others were able to escape to Lorderon, you were saved by your father's dwarf friend, who brought you to Loch Modan. With the burning feeling of revenge for your parents and the desire to live up to your father's legacy, you were trained in combat by the dwarf who took you in. You grew to love him like your own, as he and his people grew to love you. You adopted their culture and their language as your own, and when you were old enough you left to explore the world and kill the orcs who slaughtered your family.
Being a non-cursed Gilnean is plausible and possible.
I would also say Alterac mightve had some Gaelic descent, tho I could be wrong

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