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My question has to do with the servers. Normally on Tuesdays the servers go down from 3am-11am. I am worried about standing in line for a midnight release, to get home and install it and to only have maybe 2 hours to play before the servers go down for 8 hours. This happened with the last expansion and it sucked. Why release at midnight on Tuesday if the realms go down shortly after you get the game installed. So will the realms be going down for 8 hours from 3am-11am on Tuesday September 25th or not? If they servers are going to be down for 8 hours, I won't even bother going and standing in the long lines at midnight. I will just wait till 11am and then go get the game.
I GUARANTEE you the servers will be down for waaayyy longer than the measly 8 hours that is the normal Blizz maintenance window.

Judging by the horrible bugfest that is patch 5.0.4 & 5.0.5 you'll be lucky to play on Wednesday.
Mop Launches at midnight on 25th, so I really can't imagine they'll be bringing them down 3hrs later.

They have already said the intention is a seamless release, you won't even have to logout. Come midnight a new quest will appear and off you'll trot to pandaland.

Of course, if the servers are down, it will probably be for other reasons like over-population.
My guess is you will be able to play around nine pm tuesday night, but if there are issues maybe the next day. I could be wrong, but just a guess. Its a big thing, thats going to need some work.
So clearly some of you that are talking about the servers going down and giving misleading information are Cata Babies. If you were here for every expansion before you'd know that they do all the major patches and maintenance the weeks BEFORE the release so they can release the expansions without taking down the servers. So no, the servers will NOT go down for scheduled maintenance on Tuesday. However, here's what you can expect ;

* Rolling restarts throughout the first week
* Over population causing lag issues and possibly the occasional world server crashing.
* Hot fixes throughout the week as they correct problems with the expansion and many small patches

These are common with the release of any new expansion and are annoying, however as it has been stated, they will not be taking the servers down nor will they crash and be down for days. I've been here since Vanilla. We'll have plenty of issues, but nothing that will prevent you from playing the game.

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