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<Infinite> is a level 25 PvE focused guild looking for more active, friendly and mature players as we approach Mists of Pandaria. (We openly welcome players interested in PvP and RP as well as just casual/social players ).

Infinite is lead by veteran, mature players who come from previous guilds where they held high ranking positions. Why is this important, or worth mentioning ? It brings perspective and experience to the guild. We've seen what works, and what doesn't. We know the standard we set forth when we say "No Drama", because we have SEEN drama first hand. We know how it can tear a guild apart, create hard feelings and stop raid progression. It is not tolerated and a positive gaming environment is encouraged through our rank system.

What We Do:

Profession Support: We will actually HELP you level your professions as much as possible, including providing mats and resources to help you get through those skill points. We rely on a donation system within the guild to help provide mats for EVERYONE. While donating is not required or expected from ANY guild member, we do encourage it as it helps promote community.

Class Support: We have NUMEROUS mentors who can help you in your specific class, and if we don't have a mentor available we are able to provide a list of resources you can turn to !! Want to try tanking but don't want to go on that dungeon run alone? Just let your guild members know and we will gladly go with you to provide support while you learn.

Group Quests: Do you remember trying to get that group for Crucible of Carnage and NO one in your guild or in /1 being around to help? All that massive XP sitting there, and you had NO help. Here at <Infinite> every single guild member is encouraged to help with group quests or helping other guild members with challenges they may not be able to overcome on their own. It could be as simple as "Where do I turn this quest in". If someone knows, they are sure to help !

Dungeons / Scenarios / Challenge Modes : Full 5 man dungeon groups. Full 3 man scenario teams. We will be actively competeing on the realm challenge boards as well once they are available !!

Raiding: We do that too ! Our guild went 8/8 DS easily the first week we ran as a guild group and have cleared every week since (We are currently 4 weeks from a guild member completeing Fangs of The Father). As a guild raid team we got a late start in Cata, so we do not have the heroic achievements under our belt... yet !!! We are currently seeking more active raiders for our progression teams and if progression raiding isn't something your interested in we are also recruting active raiders for older raids (Previous tier heroics, achievement runs, xmog runs, etc). Those interested in joining our raiding teams should whisper <<Ariatha>> in game.

General Requirements for Recruitment:
- Positive attitude is a MUST.
- No Drama, No Trolling (for high ranking members this includes in public chat as well).
- Willingness to help other players.
- Our guild chat is kept -clean- during the day but more relaxed at night. We realize that younger players DO play the game and that certain chat topics CAN be offensive. We are all here to enjoy our free time playing a game. No need for vulgarity, inappropriate comments or discussions.

((Raiding recruitment requirements are more demanding. PST <<Ariatha>> in game if your interested in joining a raid team)).

Perks We Offer:
- Website
- 7 tab Guild Bank (with access at all ranks).
- Generous guild repairs (at all ranks).
- Facebook Community (for those maintenace days........)
- Ventrillo (Open to all guild members)
- Free bags
- A new -Pet of the Month- every month !! (Pet Battles !!!)
- Friendly, mature, helpful community of players.
- Open calendar. (Have an idea? Use the calendar and get folks involved!!)

Our Ranks:
- Every rank in guild (except Officer / Council / Raider ) is obtainable from the day you join !!! How fast you progress through the ranks depends soley on YOU. Our ranks are based on a "helpful point" system. You help a guild member, that guild member lets an Officer know, you recieve a point. Repairs, gbank access and guild permissions increase with rank.

If your interested in joining us, you can whisper any member of the guild ( /who Infinite) for an invitation. Those interested in joining our raiding teams should PST Ariatha for more (up-to-date) information (including roles/classes needed). See you in Pandaria !!!!
Interesting to see multiple 25s coming to WrA, best of luck in your recruitment.
We are friendly.

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