Several 85s LF guild.

Emerald Dream
Hello, guys. I have 3 85s that are looking for a home on emerald dream.

What I look for in a guild is a mixture of Pve/PvP, talkative people who like to indulge in alcohol and other illicit drugs. while still having fun. I have a vent to offer as well if needed. I usually play mid-day.

No im not 2k+ rated
No i have not 8/8 H DS x28 World first.

Thank you for your time guys. Please add my battletag if your guild seems right for me

if you would be willing to transfer to alliance im sure we would have room for you, which toons & specs do you have available?
I'm sorry I do not have the funds to Faction xfer.

But my warrior, is arms/prot w/ little experience tanking, but willingness to learn.

Mage is fire Rog is sub
Also - open to RP
still looking.
come to our guild we are currently looking for players. we are a bunch of irl friends and our girlfriends just looking for good players. we are only level 4 but we have only just all transfered. pst my char if you are interested. or send me a message

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