Sentry Totem 162: Brewin' up some Panda Love!

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So, here's the deal. As a few other shaman just experienced, the Druids have this rockin' form of communal discussion going on in their forums known as the "Mangle: Bear" series of thread, which has post capped 26 times. That means that together, the Druid forums have posted 13,000 times to keep a community thread going, over the span of like a month or two.

Shaman, I love this community. Despite the fact that I make fun of half of you for not simming things, another half of you for being spoilsports who like to complain a lot, and another half of you for not being able to do simple math, I am quite a fan of this community. With the inspiration of our druid brethren behind us, I'm pledging this thread to be the start of a tradition of greatness

And that's how Sentry Totem began. This is our awesome OOC thread in which we discuss shaman-y topics of conversation while we organize efforts to eliminate trolling and bads from the world. Anyone can join, and after a brief period of ridicule you'll be in our wonderful circle of torture. If you took that last line seriously, Sentry Totem is not for you.

Rules? More like guidelines, but you're still subject to public execution for breaking them,

1 - Thread titles follow the format Sentry Totem ##: Title.

2 - You cannot repeat titles or puns. You cannot break the format.

3 - You have an hour grace period to change your title. After that, no more unless it's breaking rules.

4 - Can't force title changes. If you don't like the current title then get the next one.

5 - The next thread is made when the previous caps - 501 posts, 26 pages.

6 - Link the Archive intro (this!) and post that.

7 - After the quote, you can start the conversation. :3

Due to asshaberdashery which may not be spoken of, the following is now in effect.

8 - Personal disagreements do not belong in Sentry Totem. Take it to Shaman Vent.

9 - Avoid posting ToS-sensitive material when moderation activity is suspected on the forum.

10 - If a thread you authored vanishes, investigate and ask for restoration minus sensitive posts.

SENTRY TOTEM: THE FACEBOOK GROUP!/group.php?gid=112126518800194

Please visit the Facebook group to see our Shaman Forum Memorial, as the moderators were less than pleased when they noticed it included in this archive. Respect the fallen, never forget.

Shaman vent! For Shaman usage only - if there are suspicious people lurking, please alert one of the people listed on the welcome screen and they'll make a sweep with the booterang.
Port: 40147

Feeding trolls is forbidden and will stop. The response must be uniform and detached.

Please stop. It's dead! What more do you want from it!?

The Anti-Troll message will be updated periodically to reflect the current trolling crisis.

Official Shaman Tanking Guide! Pick up your Beating a Dead Horse talent today!


Such a long time without a new ST? :<
Needs pandas reference.
I was in the shower. Besides, I had no good titles.
Whatever you do, don't type in "Panda Movies" in google.
You're too young to not be using the safesearch option. Wait until you are 10 years older.
You're too young to not be using the safesearch option. Wait until you are 20 years older.

Fixed that for you.
09/21/2012 02:30 PMPosted by Korghal
Needs pandas reference.
Needs better pandas reference.
Now needs Shaman reference, too.
09/21/2012 02:32 PMPosted by Swagbot
Whatever you do, don't type in "Panda Movies" in google.

Who would have thought that's what would have happened? !@#$ has panda movies on lockdown, lol.

edit: really, !@#$ is censored...

edit2: and now they're censoring our all caps!!!!? this is getting out of control, grrr
I feel like I didn't stress this enough last time.

One gun in particular emulates what it’s like to thrust a vibrator.

It’s called Miss Moxxi’s Good Touch, and you can get it by leaving up to $15,000 in tips in Mad Moxxi’s tip jar at her bar. In addition to that, she’ll also give you Miss Moxxi’s Bad Touch. To truly experience what the gun has to offer, you’ll need to have a controller plugged in if you’re playing the game on the PC. With the Good Touch equipped, the controller with vibrate at a low level even when you’re not firing it.

The fun part happens when you zoom in and out—it’ll vibrate much harder. Have fun with that.

i suck at fps -.-

first boss in borderlands 2 (the yetti with the claptraps eyes)... yah i died and had to kill him during that second wind mechanic to revive XD

also how do i see my frame rate in game? it looks fine and i'm used to the 15 fps i had in wow before this computer so i can't tell the difference, but would like to know how the new gpu is performing
09/21/2012 05:19 PMPosted by Womd
yah i died and had to kill him during that second wind mechanic to revive XD

09/21/2012 05:20 PMPosted by Rain
yah i died and had to kill him during that second wind mechanic to revive XD


I think he meant that he got the yeti close enough to death that he was able to kill it in order to revive and get a second wind.
Oh, no. I know what he meant.

That what was a what that actually meant "how?"
.... did you miss the i suck at fps... basically i got overwhelmed by minions... then ran out of ammo and while trying to melee him to death died XD

also the other question... any way to see frame rate in game?

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