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Wu Tang Clan's debut album, Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers) One of my favorites from it
I love "Help I'm Alive" by Metric if I'm a rogue =)
Probably the greatest track to PVP to ever made:
I wish you would all put the name of the song next to the link :/ To those that did, thank you <3 Some good ones in here.
Top 2, hands down:
always bouncing to the left and to the right!!!
Come on now...

"Who's your daddy"
Rogue Anthem

Red Fang, all day erryday.

Video's fitting too.

Really.... Backstreet Boys?
Eiffel 65?
and Dalaran music?

Whatever blows ur skirt up.
THIS... is your KJ Playlist. Minus the rap. And yes, I included the troll's music such as backstreet boys and Rick Astley.

Lol.. I included the purposefully troll music, and not the rap.

I think this is fair.

More beard rock, cause I felt like it.
My preferences tend not to have great vids to link...sad.

But the music is amazing - Dead Kennedy's, Bad Brains, Op Ivy, Black Flag.


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