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So I'm currently in the process of building a new computer(on somewhat of a limited budget). My last one I built was when dual cores were still fairly new etc. I've never had any issues running wow on this machine, it's an AMD x2 6400+. I have never had any problems with AMD and I'd like to keep doing it, however after reading general things, I do know wow is hard on the CPU, and I know that intel is faster I suppose for wow.

My question is this, is there a rock solid fast AMD processor out right now that will get close to comparable framerates as the intels? I can usually run them on good/sometimes high out in the world on my current setup but I seen some folks saying they were having some horrible issues with AMD's 6100's etc.

Would I be better off building it with even an intel i5? I could probably save up and spend the extra and go with an i7, but all I do is play wow on this machine and browse the net. I don't play many other games. I just want to be able to crank it up to ultra any time and not have that many issues.

I'm not looking to get 200 fps, but I'd like to run on ultra on a fight like madness where I do notice the most FPS loss or when it's very cluttered (like I can expect @ launch.)

I found a pretty good deal on AMD's 8150, I just don't know how the newer 8 cores are holding up to wow, or if they still only compare to an i5.

Also, I'm still using my old GTX 275, and have never had any problems with this video card. Could I expect to keep using it save a little there for an i7 and just get a newer nvidia at a later date?

Thanks a lot for any constructive feedback.
No, there is none.
You would be better off building a new Intel rig.

That said, i7 has virtually no performance advantage over i5 in 99% of games, including WoW.

GTX 275 is getting a little too long in the tooth, but it's still decent enough for WoW.
Yeah, I would love to go for a newer intel, I know they are good. I just know they are pricey hah. I just was a bit shady in regards to some people saying how piss poor some of the amd's were doing, and wasn't even sure if it was worth investing in one of the 8120/8150s.

Also yeah I know the video card needs upgrading, but that is secondary to me right now, when I'm more set on having a solid mobo/processor setup.

Edit: That and it's also hard to find un-biased information sometimes. Some folks are hardcore amd/intel fans and will be till the day they die. I just want to know the best bang for my buck, and something reliable and not as hard on the wallet that will run wow on ultra pretty much everywhere fine. It's been a while since I have built a system, and I'm upgrading my current and looking at folks opinions on the stuff out now.
"Intel is too expensive" is no longer true. An i5 + motherboard + RAM combo can be had for $300 total. I don't think that's too expensive at all.
You are wise to be leery of advice you get from random strangers on the internet. :]

For whatever reason, some people really are die-hard Intel/AMD fans who are incapable of giving impartial advice. It's best to do a little bit of homework from a variety of sources and then make up your own mind.

With that in mind, maybe these links can help to get you started:
(If price to performance is your main concern, be sure to sort by "Value for the Money" on the above link),3106.html
Thanks a lot you all! I just didn't know how the new 8150 AMD's were performing really. I did find a nice cpu/mobo combo (i5, 3570k) for 389. Which was right up my alley since I am a fan of asus motherboards. It is roughly the same price as the 8150 I was comparing to as a combo.

I knew I didn't want the older 4k/6k series of amd, I know the phenom 2's were good, but they've been deactivated on newegg, so I was forced to looking at some of the newer ones.
Do you plan to actually overclock that i5?
09/19/2012 09:32 PMPosted by Kalganized
"Intel is too expensive" is no longer true. An i5 + motherboard + RAM combo can be had for $300 total. I don't think that's too expensive at all.

Oh I know it's no longer true really, I didn't know that the performance different wasn't THAT much, I just know for a good i7, it was going to cost me as much for just the processor than I could have got purchased an AMD mobo/cpu combo. However, seeing as that I just play wow mostly, and there is little to no difference in performance, I may just get this i5 I was looking at. I've been wanting to make the leap over to intel for a while to see if it really was that much of a performance difference.
Intel's performance advantage will be seen in places where CPU gets a good thrashing at: Very crowded cities or battlegrounds, or raids with number crunching addons (IE) Recount) running.

In empty zones or just questing, AMD and Intel would perform more or less the same.
Thank you Kalganized :)

Mine performs still very well surprisingly, even in general 25 mans. It does slip up in clustered areas though as you mentioned (madness of deathwing, the event in booty bay today, where the cross realm zones made it VERY crowded hah.)

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