How does a Warlock have 218K health

all having lots of hks tells you is that you like doing bgs. which is fine in of itself, bgs are tons of fun. but bgs don't give you the whole story on pvp.

destro lock burst IS very high. and locks have great self healing and traditionally been very very tanky in terms of their playstyle.
the thing with destro is that their burst is linked to a very slowly generating resource and very long cast times. i've been globaled by cbolt x3 a few times while sitting in a fear and its not fun.
but its more that you need to learn how to tell when a lock is going to setup that fear/shadowfury chain when he has 3 embers.
fears are also a bit broken right now since their damage thresholds are balanced for level 90.

i keep thinking, if agicourt thinks paladins are so crappy and awful to play, why does he continue to play his? i wouldn't play my ret if i didn't still find it fun to play, i DID stop playing my warlock because it was no longer fun for instance.
One single spell: Blood Fear.
09/20/2012 10:19 PMPosted by Stormbolt
Fully agree agincourt ive experienced being 1 and 2 shotted from 2 of the three specs from warlocks and im completely unimpressed im with you 100% on this one The GC should be fired. The HP pool is just one of the problems. even with reduced health the warlocks are still capable of doing 60-90 k crits with a chaos bolt 100k crits with shadow burn, 50-60 k conflags and the list goes on as a pally in full cata gear i canonly muster 20-30 k crits with my cool downs popped against geared players why the hell is it possible for warlocks to have such high damage when they have the most CC or survival mechanics out of every other class.
Exactly. It's this kind of imbalance you describe which is ruining the game. It's easy to fix: reduce the CC and reduce the damage of Warlocks, Spriests and Mages.

I know Blizz has competition and balance meetings. These issues are discussed but nothing is done. Ghostcrawler presides over those meetings. Ultimately, he is responsible yet choses not to fix the issue. I guess if he balanced us he wouldn't be able to make comments at the Wow convention every year about nerf Rets
I dont totally agree with Agincourt but I dont totally dismiss him either he has some good points....

Ive yet to run into a monster warlock like he was describing but I have been killed by a frost mage in the span of a silence/deepfreeze/shatter, my trinket and bubble were not available so I could literally do nothing but watch my health go from 100% to almost dead in that span of time.... I have 66% damage reduction from resil (63% when not using my pvp weap) so I if I had the pvp weap on, I doubt 3% would have made much difference. Ive also been lit up extremely fast by Spriests.....and feared so many times that you cant do anything at some point accept sit in the fear and take large amounts of damage... Its almost as if Resil is not working on magic damage, its almost to a point where I think it should be reported in the bugs forum, this better get more balanced at 90...

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