I think Blizzard should hire Mark Millar

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They should hire Garth Ennis. Everyone would be dead in the end, sure, but it'd be a fun read.
Oh, here's an idea:

We get a val'kyr to ressurect J.R.R. Tolkien, and have him write a few WoW books
09/21/2012 07:37 PMPosted by Crappytank
Again have you not read his acclaim works, not ALL of his stuff is edgy to the extreme. He put the moderm take on Superheroes and make them less cartoony and more serious but able to fit into this world.
I've read Kick-!@#, Nemesis, Kick-$%^ 2 and his Civil War stuff. It was all awful. I'll admit I haven't read his Ultimate stuff. I haven't read any Ultimate stuff other than Spider-Man as I've been warned away from it.

I think seeing as how WoW is comic book-ish it appears to be done by BAD comic books writers. Millar not Bendis, but Millar have the plot flow to actually make the WoW -universe good and edgy, for us to feel danger being in it.
Edgy hardly means good. Millar's "oh so edgy" style is horrible and works only for shock value. Bendis is only good when writing Spider-Man, but when he does he's pretty good.

As Far as Geoff Johns I didn't think he was a good person to write jusitce leauge to be honest with you. However he would be GREAT with different aspect of the dragons look at what he did for the Green Lantern universe and the color specturm?

He turned the entire Green Lantern universe into rainbow wars, and now green lanterns never have a fight between someone who doesn't have a ring.

I would submit Grant Morrison name into the Arena but most of the stuff he writes is pretty trippy so that wouldn't go well with people.

Meh. He doesn't really fit well with WoW.

Alan Moore might be good but then we would be on a frigging psychedelic trip by the time we are done playing WoW.
See above.

Joss Whedon is too expensive

And a poor writer.

I would say Mark Waid since he seem to be the old type of writer that you like.

Mark Waid's a pretty good writer, however I wouldn't know about him heading the story. Have him write on the actual WoW comic team. And make that comic actually good.

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