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I just wanted to make a confirmation in regards to the Stay Classy achievement. In an attempt to have more room for storage in my personal guild storage on my banker I want to get this achievement. Because I have no desire to manage a guild and sometimes forget to log on to my banker for long stretches of time I will not invite other people that aren't my husband to my guild. I intend to get this achievement by leveling alts, one at a time, to 85 and deleting them. My husband thinks I'm certifiable, please I don't need more people telling me this.

At any rate, I want to confirm that this achievement is going to stay they way it is in regards to level. I don't want to get halfway there in a few months and see it changed and see that I now need to have everyone to level 90. I realize that for the sake of safety I could just get to 90 but that seems like a dreadful waste of time if I don't need to considering the number of characters I'll need to level.
You will need to level them to 90.
09/20/2012 11:21 AMPosted by Allikazam
You will need to level them to 90.

Not true - (Alliance) (Horde)

Just need to get to 85. Pandaren aren't included in the Stay Classy achievement either. :)
Yes it is.

That is a screenshot I just took.
I'm not sure what you meant to show with that screenshot, but what you do show is that the orcs is listing as level 85. Which I can see just fine on my own screen by opening my achievement pane. What I was asking was if there was any news or information about if this is intended to be changed in the future. If you look at each individual race you will see that each lists gaining level 85 with the exception of pandas which list level 90. I would just hate to have leveled and deleted 20 characters to 85 just to see it changed.
Best I can offer is this post:

Currently, no there is not a plan to change it to 85. But it could change at any time. My suggestion is to work on one race at a time to complete it as quickly as possible. Once you've earned the achievement for a race, they won't take it away.

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