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I have a question regarding this achievement, are they balancing it in some way so the humans dont have advantage, or it wont make it to live?

I found this achievement on wowhead.
Humans will most likely keep their advantage if the achievement makes it to live.
Pretty much "human only" achieve in this expansion. They don't even need to know that it exists and get it.

I leveled to 90 on day 1 and already behind in _thousands_ on Golden Lotus rep. Sure you can farm those chests in Guo-Lai Halls (we are talking about thousands of lvl 90 mob kills to get keys), use the Hozen Pipe, but then you get to Shado-Pan/August Celestials part... I don't even know if there is a way to compensate a difference on those.

Anyway, the only chance you have if _all_ humans on your realm don't give a damn about rep, do dailies casually, skip some days. And you'll have to put tremendous amount of work, farming that rare, chests etc.

If there is a human that's actually trying - any other race has zero chances. GG on Blizzard's part :)
wasn't it removed anyway? Pretty sure it didn't make it live.
People who farmed Hozen Peace Pipe in the first couple days are the ones who will get it. They received several thousand reputation above everyone else before Blizz came in and hotfixed it.

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