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Congratulations on those who achieved a realm first.
Here is the last of the list for you to add.

Leatherworker - Mspouncealot

Medic - Nighthook

Miner - Dilbogabins

Skinner - Darkchilx

Tailor - Aljini
Ty slash
well done to all.

As much effort as you would have put into what you are doing here Potato which is great, well done knowing what you five did, that makes you a really good player getting an achievement based on being a competent quester, not a person who rides a bugged boss fight for 7 hours straight.

Congratulations to Deathnerd and Seevo for getting legitimate Realm firsts.

Soul Rokstok and I weren't in their 5 man and we beat both of them, and Zuzum beat Seevo.

We did it *legitimately*.
Congrats to Acrylic and Sikkzlol on their Legit Server First 90s, who quested all the way.

Also Dunedan is a Dooker.
Well done all the server first! :)

It appears some people are assuming of the method some of my guild used to grind to 90, and are making false assumptions. I would like to make some points...

-None of our members used any exploits, or took advantages of bugs whether it be boss (resetting it I am hearing from other people that are clearly unaware of the method employed) or, the monkey boss keep spawning his adds (another theory I have heard)
-Did not exploit mobs that gave to much exp for their lvl (like the crab incident)
-We DID put in two tickets months before mop stating exactly what were were going to do, on both occasions we got the green light.
-They took just over 11.5 hours to reach 90.

Thank-you that is all :)

Don't know about you guys, but I am loving this tier. :)
exploit mops

Big exp right there
yes sorry I got it wrong, Antiquuss group of 5 were using the exploit. Congrats to others listed, such as cast etc etc
09/25/2012 10:03 PMPosted by Potato
No butthurt in this thread please.
Edited my last post so there is no confusion.
Cart = 7
Lotion = 0

+1 for Acrylic + Sikz who hang closly to the cart therfore bringing sub total to 9.

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