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That Logarak guy was a good level ahead, and decided he cared more for sleep than shineys.

Such a good win for sticking it out longer than most Carried :D


09/27/2012 10:37 AMPosted by Jepsen
If I was a mage shaman DK hunter or pally I would be pretty mad that I tried fairly for it and lost it to a cheat but I'm not

Yeah we were amused that 7 of the top 10 were double or ups or more >< Those Mage Shaman DK, With some classes taking another 5 - 6 hrs to get there.

09/27/2012 10:37 AMPosted by Jepsen
I just feel bad for Soul, Deathnerd or Deathswings (not sure who got first?) Seevoh, Zuzum (I think) and Swizzay (I think) who actually got realm first 90s but didn't get the feats for it, nothing to do with me at all.

Soul was very close to catching them in the end, and at the very beginning we were ~15mins ahead after 86. gives a good idea of who was where.
09/27/2012 10:22 AMPosted by Deathnerd
It's disgusting that you abuse your status as a blizzard guild to avoid action by blizzard employees for your action.

Im sorry but this made me laugh, The clever use of game mechanics that they used to level wasn't used by just that particular guild but most of the guilds that had the "serious" intention to get to 90 as quick as possible.

The reason there will be no action is because blizzard allowed so many people to do it and stated in a blue post, "If you want to farm mobs endlessly to level go for it"

At the end tho;
After reading threads about who is the best DK on server and whatnot I was really looking forward to this race, as I knew the best DKs would be competing to show who was the best. Being new to the server I was/am keen to prove that i can compete with the best.

My experience with the leveling in Pandaria involved running through to 90 back in June, and an attempt to see as many of the quests again a couple of days before the launch. I would have liked to have done another run though all the way up to 90 as I had forgotten much of what I did back in June but due to Uni assignments I needed to get done early I ran out of time.

I wasnt overly surprised we got to 86 first the way we were clearing dungeons (about 8-9mins per clear) with yours truly pulling about 60k overall each dungeon with all the aoe pulls we were doing. We were all feeling good and felt like we would be able to move even further ahead and get to 87 miles before anyone else. It took about 15 minutes for anyone else to reach 86.

We could have done better from 85-86 due to a wipe and 5 minutes of loading screens :P but we did it in about 1.5 hrs which we knew was fast.

We had one slight trip from 86-87, where the second boss in Jade Serpent decided to bug on us and keep us in combat, meaning we would have to run out of the instance, reset it, and start again. This slowed us down substantially which was disappointing and the BMH guys ended up beating us to 87 by about 10 minutes I believe. Once we hit 87 (a few of us were 1 quest away from dinging) we left and stuck to our plans of heading out to Kun-Lai summit, as the number crunching showed to us that it wasn't worth sticking it out in dungeons and questing would be the most efficient option.

Zuzum and Soul decided they would quest as a team, whereas I wanted to solo quest. My decision to solo was that I was worried that I would run out of quests if I went with a partner and that there wouldn't be anyone else that could keep up with me. Soul and Zuzum got an early lead on me but I managed to get within about 5% of them before Soul hit 88. It was at this stage where Soul decided to solo quest as it was showing through my speed that it was the faster option. the BMH guys were still in Stormstout Brewery and hit 88 a good 20 minutes before Soul and about 30 minutes before me.

We were again surprised that they were able to maintain their lead by grinding dungeons as we found it to be an efficient way to level. However we continued on.

Soul was beginning to get a strong lead on myself but I wasn't too fussed about server first 90, my goal tonight was to try and beat the other DKs competing. At this stage the only competition I knew of was Nicoblood who was ahead of me and Moonie who i was well ahead of. I didn't know how Ally DKs were going but i figured Id be ahead of most of them. I was a bit frustrated in Townlong as I couldn't pull 8 mobs unless I had all my cds up and Unholy Blight, so my quest competition times weren't as efficient. I went to check what the BMH team was doing and was astounded to see them in Brewery still. It was very suspicious that they were keeping pace and them some specifically queuing for an instance designed for lvl 85-87. Something wasnt right but we just kept going. They managed to hit 89 well before myself (about 45 minutes), whereas Soul was doing much better and hit 89 only about 20 minutes behind them.

For me, this level felt really slow, I believe it took me about 3 hours to manage to hit 90 but it was still faster than what most of the other competition was doing as I was 25% into 89 before Moonie hit 89, however I knew my competition was well ahead of me (Nicoblood) and it would be hard to catch him.

About 40% into 89, we were again astounded to see BMH in Brewery still. Lvl 89 and doing an instance designed for 85-87 and spec queuing... surely something was going on here. We managed to talk to a few different people from around the server and heard rumors that they were farming some mob that was giving experience without killing it? This was really disheartening to hear as it is hard to compete against someone who is knowingly abusing something in the game that wasn't intended (and you cannot say this was intended as there has never been a time when you could run into the same instance for 5 levels and hit the lvl cap in 11.5hrs).

Im not overly dissapointed I don't get the Realm First! achieve for DKs, as I felt as if i did when I hit 90. I dont think that Nicoblood could have beaten me to 90 if he didn't have the option of being able to farm a mob in Brewery. I think I earned a lot more respect for what I managed to achieve then what Nicoblood and the BMH team did and that's what matters to me.

Either way I really enjoyed the race and look forward to the next one!
Well said Death, you'll always be first in my eyes :)
09/27/2012 04:49 PMPosted by Deathswings
We managed to talk to a few different people from around the server and heard rumors that they were farming some mob that was giving experience without killing it?

Is this the crap Lotion was feeding everyone?
Farming somthing for xp without killing it?

Seems legit.
Why is everyone complaining? The ones complaining are the ones I saw numerous times in AV pre-hotfix with the ridiculous xp. Looking at you Lotion. Seriously. Get over it. If you abused the AV glitch you would've used the same method as the Antiquus guys. (regarding you knew about it)
I'm not really sure how you think defending yourselves with the fact that some people not even going for realm firsts used AV for MAYBE 25% of a level is ok. You used something far less intended by blizzard for a full 5 levels. I can't speak for others but my guild likes to pvp and a lot of them played av (among other bgs) for fun and kept playing after the boss was buffed.

Furthermore the 5 people who actually earned your 5 realm first classes didn't use AV once so that argument doesn't make what you did to them any better, fact is you stole their achievements and you know it, defend it however you want but you've lost my and many others respect.
Them 5 levels of totally not questing..
09/28/2012 01:15 AMPosted by Jepsen
but you've lost my and many others respect.

Lotions respect was never high on my list.

09/28/2012 12:30 AMPosted by Sassydad
you would've used the same method as the Antiquus guys

@potato whether or not you respect Lotion as a guild really does not matter to anyone in Lotion.
and no we would not have used that pathetic method.

+ to all people in this thread that are defending the method of BLIZZARD MENTOR HORDE and stating how butthurt the others are, your trash.

pls respond and tell me how much better than you are than me, because I am sure most have done what you have done throughout your highlighted PvE WoW careers.
I knew that would be your response potato but honestly it just further proves the kind of character you and your guild are. I'm sure you care about In another castle and judging by their posts you've lost their respect too.

I don't know how Cast feels but I would be ashamed to be your GM, not so much because you did it but because of how you're acting now, you don't even admit that you don't deserve the realm first, not that it would change that you have it, instead you try to defend yourselves to the people who earned your realm firsts fairly and frankly it's pathetic.
Do you guys get paid to troll? Like through adsense or something?

If so how can I sign up?

Guys, guys. Let's discuss more important Server First issues, like Fishing one. I was 599 for more than 6 minutes, thinking that achievement is mine, only for it to be snatched by someone by the time I was at 27th cast, and I got 600th skill point on 41st cast.

I call it Blizzard conspiracy against me.
09/26/2012 02:59 PMPosted by Zuzum
Ticket or not, legit bug/expliot or not, its agaisnt the spirit of the game and honest competition and ruins it for everyone else.

Agree ^^ It doesn't seem like a good example for the Mentor Guild to be setting, and I think this thread shows pretty clearly just how much accomplishment those people involved should be feeling for their feats. I also feel they are completely disrespecting those who worked hard for the race with their attitudes in this thread, regardless of legit or not.

I've had some good experiences with Antiquus people. BMH, not so much. Shouldn't tar them all with the same brush, there's some great people there who I have a lot of respect for, but this event has put a sour taste in everyone's mouth and tarnished my opinion of them as a group.

Great post, Deathswings :) I know it was only a few days ago, but I had a lot of fun with all them number crunchings, beta runs, and the whole 15sec I was allowed to break for, so made me smile for the memories (albeit memories a few days old and that sour tinge to the edge of it).

Either way, congrats to everyone who managed 90 within the first 11-15hrs. Even if you weren't first of your class, it's still a huge achiev, and impressive even without a feat to show for it.
I want to know why there is so much QQ about it on this server (Particularly), Groups across multiple realms did the same strat and all achieved realm firsts (On US) because of it;

- Blood Legion
-Raiding Rainbows

Are all examples of people who used similar tactics to level yet no QQ for them on forums from people who wern't smart enough to explore ways to quickly level on the beta.
so much madden over an achievement.

is only game.
I'll take back a lot of what I've said, some of it was too harsh, however I still feel you need to acknowledge the hard work some IAC members put in. Regardless hopefully we can end this thread now
Thanks Jep, there was many members (especially Soul, that guys is a machine) that deserve credit for the effort they have put in so far for the grind. Some of the comments posted by our members were not of the highest standard... one liners are easy to put out there.... and I think it is upto them to reword them maybe :P

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