MoP 5.4 Elemental Guide: Zap that Orc!

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Important 5.4 Changes
- Changes to the way RPPM works make haste slightly less valuable than before, but does not change our stat or T15 trinket priorities significantly. As always, sim yourself to determine your own stat priorities.
- A 10% nerf to our Fire Elemental reduces PE's effectiveness in single target situations. However, PE is still strong in cleave fights.
- A small buff to UF as well as gear getting us closer to mastery and haste caps makes UF stronger than EB on pure single target. However, EB pulls ahead if any target switching is involved.

Table of Contents

1) Introduction & Basics Information
            A) Introduction
            B) Playstyle
            C) Stats and Gearing
            D) Buffs and Debuffs
            E) Frequently Asked Questions
2) Spells
            A) Primary Spells
            B) Secondary Spells
            C) Utility Spells
            D) Buffs and Passives
3) Talents and Glyphs
            A) Talents
            B) Glyphs
4) Spell Priority (rotation)
            A) Priority List
            B) Movement
            C) Multitarget
            D) Cooldown use
            E) Advanced Shock Management
5) Stats
            A) Haste Caps & Breakpoints
            B) Hit Cap
            C) Stat Priority
            D) Racial Bonuses
6) Gearing
            A) Stat Priorities
            B) Gems
            C) Enchants
            D)Set bonuses
            E) Trinkets
7) Leveling Information - Work in progress!
            A) 1-10
            B) 11-20
            C) 21-30
            D) 31-40
8) Current Encounter Notes
9) User Interface - Coming Soon
            A) Addons
            B) Configs
            C) Macros
10) Credits, Special Thanks, and Copyright Information

1) Introduction & Basics Information

A) Introduction
This is a PvE guide for Elemental Shaman written collaboratively by Binkenstein, Endus & Gistwiki. Contained within you will find everything you need to know to play Elemental at a competitive level in PvE content.

B) Playstyle
Elemental is the ranged caster damage specialisation of Shaman. It relies on a number of cooldown based spells for damage, along with a single dot and a charge/expend ability. It also has a number of damage & utility spells in the form of totems, the signature ability for Shaman. As well, it is the most armoured of caster specs thanks to mail & shields, and can assist with some off-spec heals if necessary (especially with talents). Elemental also has the potential for very high mobility with minimal loss in DPS with certain glyph choices.

C) Stats & Gearing
Elemental focuses on Intellect gear, with any of Crit, Haste, Hit, Mastery or Spirit as secondary stats. A rough stat priority is:
Intellect > Hit/Spirit to 15% cap > Haste > Mastery > Crit

Note: Crit/Haste/Mastery weights & priorities vary depending on glyphs & talents, so it's important to generate your own weights on a regular basis. Any basic suggestion such as this one can very easily be off for your particular circumstances. Some more detail on what circumstances can and will effect this and how will be in the Stats & Gearing sections of the guides.

D) Buffs & Debuffs
Elemental provides three passive raid buffs:
            -Mastery (Grace of Air),
            -5% Spell Haste (Elemental Oath), and
            -10% Spell Power (Burning Wrath).

In addition, Earth Shock applies the Weakened Blows debuff for 30 seconds, reducing the damage the target deals by 10%. The duration is sufficient to essentially guarantee uptime, despite the somewhat random nature of Earth Shock use.

As well, each Shaman brings Stormlash Totem, a 10s duration Air Totem with a 5 minute cooldown, which adds nature damage to all spells and attacks by party and raid members within 30 yards. This is a strong raid DPS cooldown, though it should be used one after the other if there are multiple Shaman as the effect does not stack.

E) Frequently Asked Questions
Q) If I take Primal Elementalist when should I use Empower?
A) Empower has two functions: give Restoration Shaman something to take Primal Elementalist for, and to give you a damage buff when your Fire Elemental can't hit anything. The only way you'll be able to use Empower all the time is if you can somehow do eight times your average DPS for the entire duration. eg: in T14H gear the Primal Fire Elemental deals about 40,000 dps. You'll need that to be 5% of your output (or 800,000 dps) for Empower to be useful all the time.

Q) Why is Elemental Blast behind Lava Burst in the rotation?
A) Elemental Blast deals less damage for it's cast time than Lava Burst, and the buff isn't enough to make up the difference. Rotation priorities are almost always in order of Damage Per Cast Time (DPCT).

Q) Why is <item with crit rating> better than <item without crit rating>?
There's a few reasons. Critical strike rating is not as bad as it was in Cataclysm, often being within 5% of the value of Mastery. Gear with a higher item level will often be worth more, irrelevant of the stats on it (eg: comparing 509 items with 502 items) Once you have reached the Hit cap, additional Hit/Spirit isn't useful. This can swing things in favour of Crit items without Hit/Spirit, when considering the first point about stat weights.

Q) Should I use a stopcasting macro to cancel Lightning Bolt & cast Lava Burst when I get a Surge proc?
Short Answer: No, remember your ABC's of Casting (Always Be Casting)
Long Answer: No, but it is possible if you can cancel your Lightning Bolt cast if you've only been casting it for 0.15 / (1+Haste) seconds (or 150 ms). Ignoring the Global Cooldown it's technically it's possible, but unless you have a very low latency and lightning reflexes this won't be possible (not to mention possible interactions with the Spell Queue), not to mention the fact that the GCD is 1-1.5 seconds (depending on haste)
Advanced Reasoning: The logic behind this is that the time you loose by cancelling your Lightning Bolt cast effectively reduces the damage per execute time value of the next Lava Burst, meaning that you're comparing the damage per second of Lava Burst / ( cast time + time wasted ) vs (Lava Burst + Lightning Bolt) / cast time. Using some SimCraft results, I've worked this out to be 150 milliseconds in a completely un-hasted setup. As this is less than the Global Cooldown (GCD) it means you won't be able to get your next spell off until 1.5 / (1+Haste%) seconds have passed, giving the stopcasting macro a much lower overall DPS.

Q) What is this 6050 Haste Breakpoint I keep hearing about?
A) The 6050 breakpoint is often touted as the "minimum" haste needed, after which it is equal to Mastery in value. As yet I can find no evidence for a breakpoint here, nor can I find any significant breakpoints outside of the soft 50% and hard 100% haste caps. Often it is mentioned in relation to Flame Shock, however the break points for that are at 4052 & 8106 haste rating.

2) Spells

A) Primary Spells

- Chain Lightning
Acquired at level 28. Is the base spell for area of effect damage. Jumps three times (five when glyphed) dealing less damage on each jump.
- Earth Shock
Acquired at level 5. Shock spell that deals nature damage and applies the Weakened Blows effect. Shares a 5 second cooldown with other shock spells. Also procs the Fulmination effect, which discharges excess Lightning Shield charges (ie: above one) at the target.
- Earthquake
Acquired at level 60 with Elemental Specialization. A placed AoE, with a small chance of knockdown. The damage it provides is only effective compared to Chain Lightning on 5+ targets. 10 second cooldown and duration.
- Flame Shock
Acquired at level 14. Shock spell that deals fire damage and applies a damage over time effect to the target for 24 seconds. Shares a 5 second cooldown with other shock spells. Required for the 100% crit chance effect of Lava Burst. The DoT duration can be extended by 25% (up to 30 seconds) at the expense of 25% of the direct damage portion of the spell via a glyph.
- Lava Burst
Acquired at level 34. Lava Burst is our primary nuke, and is a guaranteed crit with Flame Shock on the target, meaning that it will always proc Elemental Focus as well.
- Lightning Bolt
Acquired at level 1. Deals nature damage with a base cast time of 2 seconds. The basic filler spell for Elemental. Causes Rolling Thunder & Elemental Overload procs.
B) Secondary Spells

- Ascendance
Acquired at level 87, Ascendance is a 15 second duration, 3 minute cooldown ability which (for Elemental) removes the cooldown on Lava Burst & turns Chain Lightning into Lava Beam. Also changes you into a Flame Ascendant for the duration of the spell.
- Bloodlust/Heroism
Acquired at level 70. Gives a raid wide 30% haste buff to everyone in the raid, and applies a debuff to players preventing them from benefiting from another raid haste effect for 10 minutes. 5 minute cooldown.
- Earth Elemental Totem
Acquired at level 56. Summons an Earth Elemental to fight by your side for one minute, with a five minute cooldown. Can taunt non-boss enemies.
- Fire Elemental Totem
Acquired at level 66. Summons a Fire Elemental to fight by your side for one minute (or 36 seconds when glyphed), with a five minute cooldown (three minutes when glyphed). While it has a Fire Nova ability it is best used as a single target DPS cooldown, or rather, it shouldn't be saved for AoE burn phases.
- Magma Totem
Acquired at level 36. Summons a totem that deals fire damage every 2 seconds to targets within 8 yards. Lasts for 1 minute. An AoE totem, but is best cast before any AoE phase to increase damage output. Can be cast mid-burn, but requires 7 or more targets to be effective.
- Searing Totem
Acquired at level 16. Summons a totem that shoots fire damage at a single target every 2 seconds for 1 minute. Our default single-target damage totem, to be used when we aren't using another Fire totem.
- Stormlash Totem
Acquired at level 78. Summons a totem that buffs all allies within 30 yards, causing their attacks and spells to deal additional Nature damage for 10 seconds. This is a strong raid DPS cooldown, but the buff does not stack, so it should be cast one after the other if you have multiple Shaman in the raid. 5 minute cooldown.
- Thunderstorm
Acquired at level 10 with Elemental Specialization. Knocks back and deals damage to enemies within 10 yards, and restores 15% of your mana. Typically used for the mana restoration or the knockback in PvE, rather than damage.
- Unleash Elements
Acquired at level 81. Unleashed the existing weapon imbue spell, dealing direct damage as well as providing an additional benefit. For Elemental, this typically is the Unleash Flametongue effect, increasing the next Fire spell's damage by 30%. This spell is typically not used in a standard rotation, but has some niche uses and is a good mobility spell for cases where the Shaman is not glyphing Unleashed Lightning, as it ranks just under Lightning Bolt in value per cast. 15 second cooldown.

C)Utility Spells

- Bind Elemental
Acquired at level 72. Allows crowd control of one Elemental type unit for 50 seconds with no cooldown.
- Capacitor Totem
Acquired at level 63. Summons an Air totem which causes a 5 second 8 yard AoE stun after a 5 second delay (to allow players a chance to kill or relocate it)
- Chain Heal
Acquired at level 40. A heal that jumps 4 times from target to target, healing for a lower amount each time.
- Earthbind Totem
Acquired at level 26. Slows foes within 10 yards by 50%. Can be upgraded to Earthgrab Totem, which roots foes in place for 5 seconds in addition to the slow effect (each target can only be rooted once)
- Frost Shock
Acquired at level 22. Shock spell that deals frost damage and applies a 8 second debuff that reduces movement speed for 8 seconds. Also causes a high amount of threat. Primarily used for single target kiting and nothing else. Can be talented to freeze the target in place for 5 seconds.
- Ghost Wolf
Acquired at level 15. Transforms the player into a Ghost Wolf, increasing run speed by 30% and reducing the effect of slows. Usable indoors & is helpful for covering distance during combat, but prevents casting so is usually limited to non-damage time or getting out of areas faster.
- Grounding Totem
Acquired at level 38. Redirects a single harmful spell to itself, which destroys the totem. Effectively negates the spell cast.
- Healing Rain
Acquired at level 60. An area of effect heal over time ability with an 8 second duration/cooldown.
- Healing Stream Totem
Acquired at level 30. Heals the most injured party/raid member every 2 seconds for 15 seconds. 30 second cooldown. A smart but low value heal.
- Healing Surge
Acquired at level 7. A 1.5 second single target heal. The high mana cost allows for spot or emergency healing only.
- Hex
Acquired at level 80. Transforms a target into a frog for 1 minute. 45 second cooldown.
- Purge
Acquired at level 12. Removes one buff from the enemy target per cast. Spells that can be dispelled by this spell should be highlighted so that they stand out among other buffs on the enemy target.
- Spiritwalker’s Grace
Acquired at level 85. When used, allows you to move while casting non-instant spells, granting you some mobility for 15 seconds. Mostly useful if you are not glyphing Unleashed Lightning. 2 minute cooldown.
- Totemic Recall
Acquired at level 30. Destroys any active totems, returning 25% of their mana cost to you. Useful if repositioning and in need of mana, and can be combined with the Totemic Restoration talent to destroy totems early and maximize the potential cooldown reduction.
- Tremor Totem
Acquired at level 52. Breaks Fear, Charm, and Sleep effects when dropped, and for 6 seconds thereafter, on all party and raid members within 30 yards. Can be used while afflicted by those effects as well. 1 minute cooldown.
- Wind Shear
Acquired at level 16. Our ranged interrupt, locking out spells of that school for 3 seconds. Also has a small threat reduction effect. Note that the range on Wind Shear is only 25 yards, not 40, unlike most of our other spells. 12 second cooldown.

D) Buffs and Passives

- Burning Wrath
Acquired at level 40. Gives a 10% spellpower bonus to the player and any group/raid members (range: 100 yards)
- Elemental Focus
Acquired at level 40. Focus is a damage increase/mana decrease proc from spell critical hits, which generate two charges. It will affect procs from Echo of the Elements and Overload, but only if a charge is still up when they hit (ie: if the last charge is consumed on a cast that procs either, they will not be affected). It is also not generated by Echo or Overload spells.
- Elemental Fury
Acquired at level 10. The 50% increase gives us 250% critical strikes, or 259% with 3% critical bonus meta gems. For more information on how this is calculated, refer to the Totemspot Wiki -
- Elemental Oath
Acquired at level 55. Elemental Oath is our 5% Spell Haste raid buff. 100 yard radius.
- Elemental Precision
Acquired at level 10. This allows Spirit to be effectively the same as Hit Rating for us (converting at a 100% rate,) improving and adding gear choices.
- Elemental Reach
Acquired at level 10. The range increase ensures that all of our spells are usable up to 40 yards from the target.
- Flametongue Weapon
Acquired at level 10. While it causes fire damage on each weapon hit, the primary function for Elemental is the 7% magic damage increase. Lasts for 60 minutes.
- Fulmination
Acquired at level 30. The extra Lightning Shield charges are generated through Rolling Thunder. These allow your Earth Shock to inflict up to 6 Lightning Shield charges of damage when used. In general, you want to maximize the number of charges you use with each Earth Shock while minimizing the number of charges "lost" from sitting at 7 stacks, while also ensuring Flame Shock uptime.
- Grace of Air
Acquired at level 80. Provides a mastery bonus to the player and nearby group/raid members (range: 100 yards). Gives 3000 mastery at level 90.
- Lava Surge
Acquired at level 50. Lava Surge provides each Flame Shock tick a 20% chance to reset Lava Burst's CD, and makes it an instant cast.
- Lightning Shield
Acquired at level 8. A nature based damage shield, which can stack up to 7 charges via Rolling Thunder procs. Charges will be expelled when hit or casting Earth Shock, down to a minimum of 1. Lasts 60 minutes.
- Mail Specialization
Acquired at level 50. Provides 5% bonus intellect to the player while you have mail items equipped in every armor slot as Elemental.
- Mastery: Elemental Overload
Our Mastery allows for additional "free" casts at reduced damage on Lightning Bolt, Lava Burst, and Chain Lightning. These additional casts can typically proc additional effects just as the initial spell does, including Rolling Thunder procs.
- Reincarnation
Acquired at level 30. Allows you to resurrect yourself at 20% health & mana. The 30 minute cooldown means that one should think before using it to make sure that it'll matter as it won't be up for a several attempts after the Reincarnation if you waste it.
- Rockbiter Weapon
Acquired at level 75. Increases threat generation by 30% and reduces damage by 5%. The main use as Elemental is for the damage reduction, particularly with the Unleash Fury talent improvement. Lasts for 60 minutes.
- Rolling Thunder
Acquired at level 20. The mana regeneration is Elemental's main tool for keeping mana high, while the Lightning Shield charges are used to fuel Fulmination.
- Shamanism
Acquired at level 10. This passive is where our Shaman class spells are adjusted for Elemental, reducing the cast time while increasing the damage of Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning, and also removing the cooldown from Chain Lightning.
- Spiritual Insight
Acquired at level 10. The mana pool increase of 400% provides us with enough mana to maintain our rotation, and the shock cooldown reduction of 1 second improves our ability to juggle Earth and Flame Shocks more effectively.
- Water Shield
Acquired at level 20. Provides mana regeneration both passively and when struck. Generally, it is not worth giving up Lightning Shield, and between Rolling Thunder and Thunderstorm, should not be needed for mana generation in the first place. Lasts 60 minutes.
3) Talents and Glyphs

A) Talents

Tier 1 - Level 15

- Astral Shift
Seek haven by shifting partially into the elemental planes, reducing damage taken by 40% for 6 sec.
- Nature’s Guardian
Whenever a damaging attack brings you below 30% health, your maximum health is increased by 25% for 10 sec, and your threat level towards the attacker is reduced. This effect cannot occur more often than once every 30 sec.
- Stone Bulwark Totem
Summons an Earth Totem with 10% of the caster's health at the feet of the caster for 30 sec that grants the caster a shield absorbing (Spell power * 0.875 * 4) damage for 10 sec, and up to an additional (Spell power * 0.875) every 5 sec thereafter. It is not affected by haste.

Of these three talents, your choices are going to be between Astral Shift & Nature's Guardian most of the time. While Astral Shift was pseudo-nerfed with the introduction of SR to Elemental, it's still useful for situations where you're taking large amounts of damage. With the buffs it received (down to a 30s cooldown and keeping the health rather than losting it) Nature's Guardian has become extremely strong. It's always up when you need it, and with elemental reaching over 600k raid buffed you're talking about getting 180k health as opposed to the ~125k absorb on SBWT's initial shield with twice the cooldown of NG. SBWT allows for smarter usage, but NG is always available when needed anyways.

Tier 2 - Level 30

- Earthgrab Totem
Summons an Earth Totem with 100 health at the feet of the caster for 20 sec. The totem pulses every 2 sec, causing roots to ensnare the legs of all enemies within 10 yards for 5 sec, preventing movement. Enemies that have already been rooted once by the totem will instead have their movement speed reduced by 50%. Replaces Earthbind Totem
- Frozen Power
Your Frost Shock now also roots the target in ice for 5 sec.
- Windwalk Totem
Summons an Air Totem with 5 health at the feet of the caster for 6 sec, granting raid members within 40 yards immunity to movement-impairing effects.

As with Tier 1, there are two possible choices here between Earthgrab and Windwalk Totems. Frozen Power is not recommended as Frost Shock is on the shared shock cooldown with Earth Shock and Flame Shock. Earthbind should be taken for snaring, while Windwalk will be useful in anti-snaring situations (mostly PvP, but there may be some PvE applications). Most noteworthy use for Windwalk this tier is Iron Qon, where it clears the Frozen blood debuff in the frost quillen phase.

Tier 3 - Level 45

- Call of the Elements
When activated, immediately finishes the cooldown on all totems with a base cooldown shorter than 3 minutes.
- Totemic Projection
Relocates your active totems to the specified location.
- Totemic Persistence - Replaced Totemic Restoration in 5.4
Summoning a second totem of the same element no longer causes the first totem to be destroyed. Only one totem may benefit from this effect at a time. Does not affect Fire totems.

Totemic Projection is useful for totem relocation for AoE (Magma Totem), snares (Earthbind Totem) and stuns (Capacitor Totem), while Call of the Elements is handy for resetting totem cooldowns when they are needed, like Grounding Totem or Tremor Totem. Totemic Persistence can be helpful when extra healing is necessary, such as when you've dropped Healing Stream Totem but immediately need to drop Healing Tide Totem, or when your Earth Elemental is up but you need to use Stone Bulwark Totem or Tremor Totem. Note that because Fire Totems are not included, you will still overwrite an existing Fire Totem if you drop another.

There is no "recommended" talent here, as it comes down to personal preference and/or encounter requirements.

Tier 4 - Level 60

- Ancestral Swiftness
Your next Nature spell with a base casting time less than 10 sec. becomes an instant cast spell. 1 minute cooldown.
Passive: Increases spell and melee haste by 5%.
- Echo of the Elements
When one of your spells causes direct damage or healing, you have a chance to gain Echo of the Elements, duplicating that spell's effect.
- Elemental Mastery
Call upon elemental forces, empowering you with 30% haste for 20 sec. 90 secon cooldown.

The talent of choice here is Echo of the Elements. It is either just ahead or equal to Ancestral Swiftness and Elemental Mastery in most situations.

Tier 5 - Level 75

- Ancestral Guidance
When you deal direct damage or healing for the next 10 sec, 40% of that amount is copied as healing to up to 3 nearby injured party or raid members. 2 minute cooldown
- Conductivity
When you cast Healing Wave, Greater Healing Wave, Healing Surge, or Chain Heal, your Healing Rain's duration is increased by 4.00 sec. When you cast Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Earth Shock, or use Stormstrike, your Healing Rain's duration is increased by 4.00 sec. This cannot cause Healing Rain to last longer than 40 sec.
- Rushing Streams - Replaced HTT (became baseline) in 5.4
Your Healing Stream Totem now heals two targets at once for 15% additional healing.

Of these three talents, Ancestral Guidance is usually the best one to use. It scales directly with damage and the 40% value is applied to each target for a total of 120% healing, so when you are dealing 100k personal DPS (a round example figure only) you will heal other players for 1.2 million health in 10 seconds.

Rushing Streams may be preferable for more consistent healing over longer periods of time, but will require constantly placing Healing Stream Totem to maintain. Conductivity will provide consistent healing for up to 40 seconds per Healing Rain cast, but will not provide as much output as the other two talents.

Tier 6 - Level 90

- Elemental Blast
Harness and direct the raw power of the elements towards an enemy target, dealing 3734 to 4339 (+ 181.1% of SpellPower) Elemental damage and increasing the caster's Critical Strike, Haste, or Mastery by 3000 for 8 sec. 2 second cast, 12 second cooldown
- Primal Elementalist
Your Earth and Fire Elemental Totems draw forth powerful primal elementals directly from the elemental planes. These servitors are 50% more powerful than regular elementals, act as pets directly under your control, and gain additional abilities.

Note: The Fire Elemental ability Empower, which increases your damage by 5%, also prevents the Fire Elemental from attacking. You will need to do more than 800% of your average DPS in order for this to be useful if your Fire Elemental can attack your target. This is primarily a solution for the "my Fire Elemental can't attack anything" situations.

Another note: The Earth Elemental ability Reinforce provides 20% damage reduction for up to the full minute it's available, which is extremely potent depending upon the situation.

- Unleashed Fury
Your elemental weapon imbues are empowered, granting additional effects when triggered with Unleash Weapon.
Flametongue Weapon: Increases the enemy target's damage taken from your Lightning Bolt by 30% for 10 sec.

Your choice of Tier 6 talent comes down to encounter play style requirements.

- Elemental Blast - Stationary or fairly low movement. More consistent DPS.
- Primal Elementalist - Mobile DPS where the target is not moving. More bursty DPS. Falls behind EB and UF for single target in 5.4, but pulls ahead for cleave fights.
- Unleashed Fury - Mobile DPS where the target is moving. More consistent DPS. Currently the strongest on pure single target. However, because this applies as a debuff to the target rather than a buff to the caster, EB will pull ahead when target switching is involved.

Talent choices will remain the same in both T15H and T16H BiS. For a visual breakdown of Tier 4 and Tier 6 talents, see the Stat Priorities section of this guide.

B) Glyphs

Glyph of Chain Lightning
Advantage: Increases AoE damage from Chain Lightning by adding two additional jumps
Disadvantage: Reduces initial damage by 10%
This glyph is best used when you expect to face 4+ targets, as it's a damage loss when dealing with three targets or fewer.
Advice: Required for AoE

Glyph of Fire Elemental Totem
Advantage: Decreases the cooldown of Fire Elemental Totem from 5 minutes to 2.5 minutes
Disadvantage: Decreases the duration of Fire Elemental Totem from 60 seconds to 30 seconds
Notes: The duration to cooldown ratio remains the same, so what this glyph allows is a more frequent but shorter use of your Fire Elemental. This can be beneficial for lining up with required burst phases in fights, or for optiziming uptime on specific fight lengths.
Advice: Situational depending on fight length

Glyph of Flame Shock
Advantage: When Flame Shock deals damage, it heals you for 30% of the damage dealt.
Disadvantage: None.
Useful if you have nothing else to fill the slot, as you'll have some constant self-healing as a result, but not a damage source.
Advice: Optional if you have a free slot.

Glyph of Shamanistic Rage
Advantage: Activating Shamanistic Rage also cleanses you of all dispellable Magic effects.
Disadvantage: None.
Potentially useful situationally on certain boss fights which require regular cleansing that healers can't easily keep up with.
Advice: Situational depending on need for self-dispels.

Glyph of Telluric Currents
Advantage: Lightning Bolt hits restore 2% of your mana
Disadvantage: None.
Elemental doesn't have any mana problems even before considering Thunderstorm. This makes Telluric Currents largely redundant, even with AoE burn phases as every Chain Lightning strike has an independent chance to cause Rolling Thunder procs.
Advice: Not Recommended

Glyph of Thunder
Advantage: Reduces the cooldown on Thunderstorm by 10 seconds
Disadvantage: None
As with Telluric Currents, there's no need for this glyph from a mana restore point of view. However, if you are using the knockback function frequently, then the glyph may be of some use. Note: stacks with the 4pc bonus from next seasons PvP gear.
Advice: Optional, but only when using the knockback

Glyph of Lightning Shield
Advantage: Grants a 10% damage reduction buff for 6 seconds after Lightning Shield is triggered.
Disadvantage: None.
Notes: Lightning Shield doesn’t proc off AoE spells, so it will only be useful for certain fights with high frequency non-AoE attacks.
Advice: Optional

Glyph of Unstable Earth
Advantage: Earthquake reduces the movement speed of affected targets by 40% for 3 seconds
Disadvantage: None
Effectively adds Earthbind Totem's slow to Earthquake. Primarily only useful for AoE where the targets must be kited.
Advice: Optional for AoE

Glyph of Wind Shear
Advantage: Increases the school lockout by 1 second
Disadvantage: Increases the cooldown by 3 seconds
This glyph brings Wind Shear into line with the interrupts of most melee classes (4 second lockout, 15 second cooldown).
Advice: Optional, depending on encounter & interrupt management.

Minor Glyphs

Glyph of Thunderstorm
Advantage: Removes the knockback effect of Thunderstorm
Disadvantage: None
Used to remove the knockback effect on Thunderstorm.
Advice: Optional. Note that you generally won't be using Thunderstorm for AoE damage, so this is only useful to prevent knockbacks when using it to restore mana.
4) Spell Priority (Rotation)

A) Single Target, Stationary

1) Cast Flame Shock IF the DoT has expired or has 1 tick remaining.
2) IF you have the L90 talent Unleashed Fury, cast Unleash Elements
3) Cast Lava Burst IF it is off cooldown AND Flame Shock is on the target
4) IF you have the L90 talent Elemental Blast, cast Elemental Blast
5) Cast Earth Shock IF Lightning Shield is at 6-7 charges. Note: It is possible to pre-cast this with 3 or more charges if you need to recast Flame Shock shortly (ie: the dot has more than 5 seconds remaining). For more information on Earth Shock use, see the advanced section.
6) Use Fire Elemental Totem IF the cooldown has expired
7) Drop Searing Totem IF you have no active fire totem AND Fire Elemental Totem cooldown has more than 15 seconds remaining
8) Cast Lightning Bolt

Note that 4 & 5 are so close that ES+Fulm could jump up to 4 depending on the spells you cast leading up to the ES and how close you are to EB.

Extra Notes
- Do not use Unleash Elements in a single target rotation without Unleashed Fury
- Chain Lightning is not a DPS gain over Lightning Bolt. This is because Chain Lightning has a 1/3 modifier on Elemental Overload procs, which reduces both the damage dealt and lowers the number of Rolling Thunder procs. Chain Lightning also has a much higher mana cost, which will consume all of your mana very quickly or cause you to waste time by using Thunderstorm to regenerate mana.
- Even with the change to Lava Burst so that it always crits, the 50% bonus damage when Flame Shock is on the target means that you always want to use Lava Burst when Flame Shock is on the target. It is OK to use it on target swaps without waiting for the shock cooldown as it now deals more damage than Lightning Bolt when Flame Shock is not on the target.

B) Movement

With the removal of the Glyph of Unleashed Lightning in 5.3 (allowed Lightning Bolt to be cast while moving but with a permanent -5% cast time penalty) and merging the casting-while-moving function into the base version of Lightning Bolt, there is only one way to handle mobile DPS now.

Use the stationary rotation as the only spell you can't cast on the move is Lava Burst except when Lava Surge procs. For that you can either stop to cast it or pop Spiritwalker’s Grace if you absolutely have to keep moving. Often players will add Spiritwalker’s Grace into their Ascendance macro to ensure that there are no movement penalties while it is up.

C) Multitarget

This assumes you have two to five targets:

- Single Target Focus: (One target needs to die)
Single target rotation & cast Flame Shock on 1 additional target. This is a net 4k DPS gain on your main target. Additional targets do not increase single target damage.
- Spread Cleaving: (Multiple targets need to die)
Single target rotation with the following modifications:
- Over-ride rotation with Chain Lightning when 3 (or more, if glyphed) targets can be hit
- Substitute Chain Lightning (either glyphed or unglyphed) in place of Lightning Bolt any time two targets can be hit.
- Cast Flame Shock on all available targets if they will survive for longer than 25 seconds. Only use Earth Shock if you do not need to cast Flame Shock again before the cooldown would expire.

This assumes you have six or more targets:

1) Cast Magma Totem before the AoE phase begins or of there are 7+ targets. If you have Totemic Projection, use it to reposition the totem for maximum effect
2) Cast Earthquake IF there are 8+ targets
3) Cast Chain Lightning

Extra notes:

- Any spell not mentioned in a particular rotation is not included in that rotation.
- It is not worth using Flame Shock on additional targets if you're facing 2-3 (stacked) targets. This is because the damage output of Earth Shock at 7 charges is roughly the same as Flame Shock & Lava Burst, and when using Chain Lightning to cleave you'll be generating more Lightning Shield charges than normal.
- Thunderstorm is only a DPS gain if there are more than 7 targets, and requires you stand in the middle of the target group. Also requires a minor glyph to remove the knockback effect. Not recommended.
- If the target group is also being kited, Totemic Projection can be used to relocate Magma Totem and glyphing for Unstable Earth can be useful to increase the effectiveness of Earthquake.

D) Cooldown Use

Depending on your talent choices, you will have between three and four cooldowns.

- Ascendance
For Elemental, Ascendance turns you into a Flame Ascendant for 15 seconds, removing the cooldown on Lava Burst and turning Chain Lightning into Lava Beam. This ability should primarily be used for single target damage, and should be combined with other cooldowns like Elemental Mastery or on-use trinkets. For maximum effect, it should be used when Lava Burst is on cooldown, as it resets the current cooldown when activated. It can also be used to boost the effectiveness of Chain Lightning during AoE phases, which changes into Lava Beam.
- Earth Elemental Totem
Earth Elemental Totem isn't that powerful when compared to other cooldowns, only adding roughly 0.8% to your total damage, but it contributes about as much damage as a single Lava Burst cast over a minute duration (with a five minute cooldown). The only catch is that you can't use any other Earth Totems while it is up, which includes Earthbind Totem and Tremor Totem. Only cast it in place of a Lightning Bolt while Fire Elemental Totem is on cooldown.
- Elemental Mastery
If you take Elemental Mastery as your Level 60 talent then you use it in conjunction with Ascendance and Fire Elemental Totem whenever possible, but not when you have another percentage based haste buff up (ie: Berserking, Bloodlust, or Heroism)
- Fire Elemental Totem
Fire Elemental Totem is your second high damage cooldown, dealing approximately 5% of your totaldamage (or ~26% of your DPS while it is up), and lasts for either 1 minute with a 5 minute cooldown, or for 36 seconds with a 3 minute cooldown if you use Glyph of Fire Elemental Totem. It should be used with any cooldowns you can use with it, except for Mastery as Fire Elementals are not affected by Elemental Overload. If you take the Primal Elementalist talent the damage output is roughly doubled.
            - Glyph of Fire Elemental Totem
            This glyph is a damage gain or loss depending on the fight duration, but given that most fights will have an unpredictable end it may be better to use it so you can sync it with Ascendance. Even though there's no direct interaction between the two abilities, you can combine them both with other cooldowns (potions, Bloodlust/Heroism, Elemental Mastery, trinkets etc) for higher burst damage.

E) Advanced Shock Management

Early Earth Shocks
The first method of shock management is to cast Earth Shock early to discharge Lightning Shield charges so that you don't hit the maximum of 7 while the shock cooldown is up after Flame Shock is refreshed. It uses the following conditions (note: normal rotation spell priorities don't change, just how you use them)
            1) Earth Shock at 7 charges OR Earth Shock at more than 3 charges when the Flame Shock dot has more than 5 but less than 8 seconds remaining.
            2) Flame Shock when the dot has expired or has 1 tick remaining

Ignoring Early Casts
The second method is to ignore the future recast of Flame Shock and only cast your shocks when the shock cooldown is up and the base conditions for each are met:
            1) Earth Shock at 7 charges
            2) Flame Shock dot has expired or has 1 tick remaining

The Difference
The difference between the two methods is less than 0.5% (For L85 in T13H gear it is 0.3% while at L90 in T14H gear it is 0.1%) with Early Earth Shocks slightly ahead. The reason for this is that the early cast method is adding in lower damage Fulmination hits with more frequent Earth Shocks, while if you ignore early casts your Flame Shock uptime is reduced by ~1-2% and one or two Lava Burst cast may be delayed a few seconds.
It's a fine trade off, and depends on whether you want to focus on min/maxing your rotation as to which one you will choose.

Flame Shock Clipping
Flame Shock, like all periodic effects, will add the duration of a recast on to the existing effect after the next tick. This means if you have one tick remaining before the DoT expires, that tick will occur and then the next DoT will start. In other words, the number of ticks lost on a recast will always be the number of ticks remaining, less one.

This makes it easier to recast dots, and improve your uptime which is important for maintaining your 100% crit rate for Lava Burst.

It's also worthwhile to recast Flame Shock at 2 ticks remaining when you have a large temporary haste buff like Bloodlust or Elemental Mastery as you gain an extra tick for every ~10% haste (starting at 5%, so 5/15/25/35 etc)
5) Stats

First, the stats themselves:
            Intellect: Our main source of Spellpower and also increases crit chance slightly. In general, it's usually close to twice the value of secondary stats.
            Spirit: With the specialization passive Elemental Precision this is identical to Hit Rating.
            Critical Strike Rating: This stat increases our chance to deal additional (250% because of our passive Elemental Fury, and bumped up to 259% with the Chaotic meta gem) damage on every spell that we cast. 600 rating per 1%.
            Haste Rating: Increases cast speed and dot tick rates. Actually works on increasing the number of spells cast in a given period of time, so that 100% haste doubles the number of casts. 425 rating per 1%.
            Hit Rating: 15% spell hit is required to hit raid bosses & level 93 targets. Any excess hit has no effect on your output, but it is important to be at or over that 15% cap. 340 rating per 1%, 5100 rating required for 15%, 4760 rating for 14%.
            Mastery Rating: Mastery increases the chance for Elemental Overload procs, duplicating Lightning Bolt/Lava Burst/Chain Lightning at 75% strength. 300 rating per 1% (note: it's actually 600 rating per 2%, but it's better to show it as 1% as with the other stats)

            A) Haste Caps and Breakpoints

            If you read up on most other spell casters, be they damage or healing, you'll see talk of "Haste Breakpoints". These are values of haste where additional ticks are added to particular DoTs & HoTs (Damage/Heal over Time). This does not apply to Elemental as our single DoT, Flame Shock, contributes approximately 5% of our damage. There will be some variation in haste around the breakpoints, but these variations are minor and should be not geared for, whereas the break points for healers are to do with mana efficiency and DoT centric casters like Affliction Warlocks are concerned with time efficiency.

            There are two haste caps, one "soft cap" at 50% where additional haste ceases to have any affect on Chain Lightning and Shocks. The second is a "hard cap" at 100% where haste caps out on Lightning Bolt, Lava Burst, and Elemental Blast. Even though temporary haste buffs like Bloodlust and Elemental Mastery will push you over the 50% haste cap if you have more than 15.38% haste self buffed, it won't affect stat weights generated by SimulationCraft as it already takes this into account.

            As very little damage is limited by the 50% soft cap, it can be ignored for all practical intents and purposes. In short, the only cap you have to worry about is the hit cap.

            B) Hit Caps

            The Hit cap is 15% against targets 3 levels higher than you, or "Boss" targets. If you are a Draenei, a Dwarf with a mace, or an Orc with an Axe/Fist Weapon, you only need 14% hit from gear as racial bonuses will make up that last 1%.

            Draenei have a straight 1% hit passive, while Dwarves (Maces) and Orcs (Axes/Fists) have expertise bonuses based on the weapon they equip (although the likelihood of a caster Axe or Fist is fairly unlikely). In Mists, expertise also provides an equal amount of spell hit, which is why that 1% expertise is counted as part of the hit cap. For more details, refer to this blog post by Binkenstein

            The hit caps are:
                      A) 14% Hit -> 4760 rating
                      B) 15% Hit -> 5100 rating

C) Stat Priorities

There is one important thing to remember about stat weights for secondary stats (Crit, Haste, and Mastery): With the values being a lot closer, you can no longer completely ignore a secondary stat. This means gearing becomes a game of balancing stats rather than just stacking one. The upside is that the difference in EP values for items which have the same ilvl will be greatly reduced. This will make gearing easier, especially with the highly contested neck/finger/weapon items.

The actual stat values will depend on your current gear and talent choices. For example, Primal Elementalist will decrease the value of Mastery slightly, as it doesn't affect Fire Elemental in any way. It's also important to note that the difference between Crit, Haste, and Mastery may be by very small margins. For more details on the current stat priorities, refer to the Gearing section.

The end result is that you'll need to familiarize yourself with SimulationCraft and generate plots and/or reforge plots for Crit/Haste/Mastery to observe how they behave. For extra help, refer to our guide here. Stat Plots show the change in DPS with the change in one particular stat, graphed to show how each stat you're plotting compares with the others. For Elemental these plot lines will be fairly close. Reforge plots take longer to run, but show the change in DPS when you reforge from one stat to another, which can be useful for fine tuning your reforges.

D) Racial Bonuses

Alliance: Pandaren >= Draenei > Dwarf - Although if you value Draenei as worth 340 hit rating rather than 340 of the highest out of Crit/Haste/Mastery it ranks in first place.

Horde: Troll >= Orc > Pandaren > Goblin > Tauren


- Pandaren bonuses only last while you have a food buff present.
- Troll & Orc are fairly interchangeable. Orcs will gain more from a talent like Primal Elementalist.
- The difference between racial bonuses is fairly minor, in the ~0.3% range.
6) Gearing

A) Stat Priorities

Stat priorities in 5.4 are, as always, gear dependent. Generally our priorities will be:

Intellect > Hit/Spirit to 15% cap > Haste > Mastery > Crit

However, at varying points in the gearing process, haste and mastery will switch priorities, depending on what specific setup you're using. For example, many eles are showing mastery as preferred as they begin to replace T15 items, but in full T16H BiS, haste will pull ahead. The best advice is always to sim it for yourself.

It is also possible for Haste and/or Mastery to be worth more than half of the value of Intellect, which means that you can end up using yellow gems over red gems. You still need to remember to take into account the value of socket bonuses, but you’ll change your red/orange/purple focus to orange/yellow/green.

Haste Notes
There are no haste breakpoints for Elemental. Breakpoints are haste targets where the value of haste dramatically decreases after that point. Also, if you suddenly see the value of haste drop significantly, it's likely because you've stacked way too much haste at the expense of other stats.

Haste vs Mastery Builds
Both build types can be competitive, so whether you use a haste or mastery build will largely be a personal preference choice. Haste builds are generally pulling ahead of mastery builds in full BiS, even on cleave fights, but some prefer the feel of a mastery build.

Here is a visual breakdown of the DPS for talents by encounter and gear build type:

A) Gems

Meta: Burning Primal Diamond / Sinister Primal Diamond
Blue: Purified Imperial Amethyst / Veiled Imperial Amethyst / Energized Wild Jade / Lightning Wild Jade
Red: Brilliant Primordial Ruby / Reckless Vermilion Onyx
Yellow: Reckless Vermilion Onyx / Artful Vermilion Onyx / Quick Sun's Radiance

Perfect versions of uncommon gems (Pandarian Garnet, Roguestone & Tiger Opal) can also be used as they have the same stats as rare gems.

B) Enchants

Shoulder: Greater Crane Wing Inscription or Crane Wing Inscription
Chest: Enchant Chest - Glorious Stats
Legs: Greater Cerulean Spellthread or Greater Pearlescent Spellthread
Hands: Enchant Gloves - Greater Haste or Enchant Gloves - Superior Mastery
Feet: Enchant Boots - Pandaren's Step
Wrist: Enchant Bracer - Super Intellect
Back: Enchant Cloak - Superior Intellect
MH: Enchant Weapon - Jade Spirit > Enchant Weapon - Windsong > Enchant Weapon - Elemental Force
OH: Enchant Off-Hand - Major Intellect

C)Set Bonuses

2PC - Increases Lightning Bolt damage by 5%. Multiplies with all other effects, including Shamanism. Multiplies with all other effects, including Shamanism. ~1115 DPS in T14 Heroic gear
4PC - Your Rolling Thunder ability now grants 2 Lightning Shield charges each time it triggers. ~2631 DPS in T14H Heroic gear, or ~3427 including 2PC.

Tier 15

2PC - Your Lightning Bolt, Chain Lighting, and Lava Beam hits have a 10% chance to cause a Lightning Strike at the target's location, dealing 32375 to 37625 Nature damage divided among all non-crowd controlled targets within 10 yards. ~3000 dps in T15 Normal gear, and ~4000 dps in T15 Heroic gear

4PC - The cooldown of your Ascendance is reduced by 1.5 sec each time you cast Lava Burst. ~1600 dps in T15 Normal gear, and ~2500 dps in T15 Heroic gear

Tier 16

2PC - Fulmination increases all Fire and Nature damage dealt to that target from the Shaman by 4% for 2 sec per Lightning Shield charge consumed.
4PC - Your Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning spells have a chance to summon a Lightning Elemental to fight by your side for 10 sec.

Should I drop my T15H 4-piece for T16 normal 2-piece?
Generally, yes, as the stat increase alone is enough to warrant taking the new gear. However, if you find that you need a 2-minute Ascendance in some situations, don't throw away your old pieces, as the overall dps increase with both 2-piece bonuses is marginal.

D) Trinkets

In general, the T16 trinkets can be prioritized in the following manner:

Single Target:
Purified Bindings of Immerseus (all versions*) > Kardris >= Black Blood > Prismatic Prison > Frenzied Crystal

* Note: The LFR version of Purified Bindings falls behind HWF and H versions of Kardris and HWF Black Blood, but is otherwise still exceptional.

Multiple Targets:
* Frenzied Crystal (normal - HWF) > Purified Bindings of Immerseus (normal - HWF) >=Frenzied Crystal (Flex/LFR) > Kardris >= Black Blood >= Purified Bindings of Immerseus (Flex/LFR) > Prismatic Prison

* Note: For multiple targets, you'll generally want Frenzied Crystal and Immerseus. However, below normal Immerseus, WF or higher versions of Kardris or Black Blood will perform better.

The following charts show more detailed breakdowns by fight type using a haste build. Note: These simulations used only one trinket to compare the DPS of each on its own. Some combinations may work better than this priority suggests. More simulations will follow in the near future to test various combinations.

Light Movement, Haste build, Echo + UF -

Hectic Add Cleave, Haste build, Echo + PE -
7) Leveling Information - Work in progress!

Armour type: Leather
Primary Stat: Intellect
Secondary Stats: Hit, Spirit (converted to Hit via Elemental Precision at level 10) and Haste
Spells: Lightning Bolt (1), Earth Shock (6), Lightning Shield (8), Flametongue Weapon (10).
Rotation: Lightning Bolt, Earth Shock as a finisher/execute

From level one to 6 you’ll be chain casting Lightning Bolt, starting at maximum range and continuing until your target is dead. Once you hit 6 you can start using Earth Shock as a finisher once your target gets into melee range, or on cooldown if you’re attacking a target with a ranged attack. Remember that you can move while casting Lightning Bolt, so you can kite your targets to reduce damage taken.

When you hit 8 you can start self-buffing with Lightning Shield, even though it has no benefit other than damaging melee attackers it’s a good idea to get into the practice of making sure it is up for when you get passives later on that work with it. Similarly, when you hit 10 start imbuing your weapon with Flametongue Weapon, as you’ll get a 7% damage increase.

As for gear, you’ll want to get as much Int Leather as possible. Pick up any one handed caster weapon you can equip and try to have a shield as your offhand whenever possible to improve survivability from melee attacks. If you find a good staff it’s OK to use that instead of a one hand + shield, just remember you’ll be a little squishier and should kite more.

Armour type: Leather
Primary Stat: Intellect
Secondary Stats: Hit, Spirit (converted to Hit via Elemental Precision) and Haste
Spells: Thunderstorm (10), Flame Shock (12), Purge (12), Ancestral Spirit (14), Ghost Wolf (15), Searing Totem (16), Wind Shear (16), Cleanse Spirit (18), Water Shield (20)
Passives: Ancestral Focus (10), Elemental Fury (10) Elemental Precision (10), Elemental Reach (10), Shamanism (10), Spiritual Insight (10), Fulmination (20), Rolling Thunder (20)
Rotation:: Flame Shock if target will live 25+ seconds, Lightning Bolt, Earth Shock as a finisher/execute

At level 10 you’ll be selecting Elemental as your specialization. You get a bunch of passive abilities here, most of which just make spells hit harder. The important one to make note of is Elemental Reach, which increases your cast range to 40 yards. You also gain Thunderstorm, an AoE knockback spell + short term slow with a mana-restore function. This is useful for keeping out of melee range or topping up your mana pool.

That mana restore function won’t be that necessary once you hit 20, as Rolling Thunder will give you a chance to regenerate mana on every Lightning Bolt hit. This means Water Shield isn’t useful, and shouldn’t be used over Lightning Shield. Rolling Thunder will also generate additional Lightning Shield charges which can be used with Earth Shock via another new passive, Fulmination. This is a “charge & use” mechanic, so it can be handy to use on harder targets.

As for the rest of your spells, Flame Shock is only useful on targets that live for more than 20 seconds, which won’t be often, while Searing Totem should be used whenever you’ll be killing targets in one spot for a minute. The rest of the spells are utility, with Purge removing white bordered buffs on your target, Ancestral Spirit allowing you to resurrect dead players, Wind Shear interrupts spell casts (but has a shorter 25 yard range) and Cleanse Spirit removes curses. Lastly, Ghost Wolf is going to be your primary form of “transportation” from 15 to 20, but is also handy for faster movement indoors & in combat.

At level 15 you get your first talent, specialising in damage reduction. You can take either Stone Bulwark for a semi-regular shield or use Nature’s Guardian as an automatic panic button. Astral Shift isn’t useful because there isn’t any requirement for a short duration, high damage reduction ability while levelling.

Armour type: Leather
Primary Stat: Intellect
Secondary Stats: Hit, Spirit (converted to Hit via Elemental Precision) and Haste
Spells: Frost Shock (22), Water Walking (24), Earthbind Totem (26), Frostbrand Weapon (26), Chain Lightning (28), Healing Stream Totem (30), Totemic Recall (30)
Rotation:: Flame Shock if target will live 25+ seconds, Lightning Bolt, Earth Shock as a finisher/execute.

20 to 30 is a fairly quiet stretch as far as new abilities go. Frost Shock gives you a ranged slow, but since it shares a cooldown with Earth & Flame Shock it won’t be used that often. Similarly, Frostbrand Weapon has a slow-on-hit function, but we’ll be using Flametongue for the extra damage and don’t want to get into melee either.

You get a few totem abilities here, being Earthbind Totem, Healing Stream Totem and Totemic Recall. You won’t use Earthbind Totem that often, as it’s a 10 yard snare centered around the totem, which is always dropped on you, but Healing Stream Totem will be your new friend. It’ll often be dropped before combat, but shouldn’t be ignored during combat either. Totemic Recall is a global “remove all totems” button, useful to avoid pulling patrols with your old totems.

Chain Lightning is the most important spell of this set, but even with Rolling Thunder it will drain your mana rapidly. Use with 3 targets (or more if you glyph it) to maximise damage and mana returns, but watch your mana. Gets more exciting when you hit 80 and gain Overload.

Glyphs: Your first major glyph should be Glyph of Flame Shock (self heal), Glyph of Lightning Shield (damage reduction proc) or Glyph of Thunder (-10 seconds on Thunderstorm cooldown). The choice here is up to you, as are your minor glyph choices, for which the only real concern is whether you use Glyph of Thunderstorm to remove the knockback effect on Thunderstorm or not.

Talents: Also at level 30 you can select a new talent. Your choice is between Frozen Power, Earthgrab Totem and Windwalk Totem. Frozen Power adds a 5 second root to Frost Shock, which can be useful if you’re kiting an elite quest mob. Otherwise, go for Earthgrab Totem for some more generalised kiting, or Windwalk Totem to remove movement-impairing effects.

Armour type: Leather
Primary Stat: Intellect
Secondary Stats: Hit, Spirit (converted to Hit via Elemental Precision) and Haste
Spells: Reincarnation (32), Astral Recall (34), Lava Burst (34), Far Sight (36), Magma Totem (36), Grounding Totem (38), Burning Wrath (40), Elemental Focus (40).
Rotation (Level 34 & later): Lightning Bolt to open, followed by Flame Shock then Lava Burst. Priority is keep Flame Shock up, use Lava Burst on cooldown, Earth Shock at 7 charges then Lightning Bolt.

There are few flavour abilities in this bracket. Reincarnation allows you to return to life after dying with 10% health, but levelling it’s only really useful for avoiding long runs back. Astral Recall gives you a second Hearthstone, which only helps if you’re based out of a city with portals & need to run around a lot. Lastly, Far Sight is a gimmicky remote viewing ability that only exists because it was a Farseer ability in Warcraft 3, and not something to worry about.

You get a couple of new totems too. Magma is a small AoE totem that lasts for 1 minute, only useful for cleaning up masses of low HP mobs or when doing sustained AoE damage. Grounding is a handy “absorb a single spell” ability, with a glyph to turn it into a spell reflect.

Buff wise you gain Burning Wrath & Elemental Focus at level 40. The first is a 10% spellpower buff for your group (and yourself) while Elemental Focus reduces the mana cost & increases damage/healing of your next 2 spells. Often useful for a Lava Burst, 2x Healing Surge combo to heal yourself up again.

With the addition of Lava Burst at 34 you can start doing a “proper” Elemental rotation, using Flame Shock as a set up to give your Lava Burst a 50% damage bonus, which is fairly useful as Lava Burst has a 100% crit chance. To get in more damage as early as possible you can cast a Lightning Bolt to start with, so it’s in the air when you engage your target with a Flame Shock. Otherwise follow the normal Elemental priority of keep Flame Shock up > Lava Burst > Earth Shock at 7 Lightning Shield charges > Lightning Bolt
8) Current Encounter information


- Earthgrab Totem
- Totemic Projection
- Elemental Blast if add damage is your issue, UF if boss damage is your issue

- When he splits, watch for where the globs will land and project Earthgrab totem to a group, let it root, then project to another. This will greatly help to ensure you kill as many as possible.

- In the boss phases, when adds start appearing, stop dps on the boss and CL adds down.
9) User Interface

A) Addons

Coming Soon!

B) Configs

Coming Soon!

C) Macros

Horridon Direhorn Spirit Purge macro
/target Direhorn Spirit
/cast Purge

Bind Elemental Focus Target
/clearfocus [modifier:alt][@focus,dead][@focus,noexists]
/focus [@focus,noexists]
/cast [@focus] Bind Elemental

Hex Focus Target
/clearfocus [modifier:alt][@focus,dead][@focus,noexists]
/focus [@focus,noexists]
/cast [@focus] Hex

Purge Focus Target
/clearfocus [modifier:alt][@focus,dead][@focus,noexists]
/focus [@focus,noexists]
/cast [@focus] Purge

Wind Shear Focus Target
/focus [@focus,noexists]
/cast [@focus] Wind Shear

Elemental Mastery
/cast Elemental Mastery
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/use 13
/use 14
/cast Lightning Bolt

/stopmacro [nocombat]
/cast Heroism
/yell <Insert witty one liner here>

Elemental Buffing - Lightning Shield/Flametongue Weapon
#showtooltip Lightning Shield Macro
/castsequence reset=6 Lightning Shield, Flametongue Weapon

Totemic Projection for double clicking to reposition totems and save one button on your action bars. Will work with any totem in addition to the following examples.

/castsequence reset=6 magma totem, totemic projection
/castsequence reset=6 capacitor totem, totemic projection
/castsequence reset=6 earthbind totem, totemic projection
/castsequence reset=6 earthgrab totem, totemic projection

Ascendance which triggers Trinkets, Spiritwalker's Grace and Lava Burst. You can remove Spiritwalker's Grace if you want to use it separately or don't have unleashed lightning glyphed.

/cast Ascendance
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/cast Spiritwalker's Grace
/use 13
/use 14
/cast Lava Burst
10) Credits

            - Binkenstein from
            - Endus from MMO-Champion Shaman forums
            - Gistwiki on the WoW forums

Copywright Information
This article has been written by Binkenstien, Endus & Gistwiki. The article and all future versions of the article are licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License. Reproduction of the article in full or in part, or further derivative works based on the article, including translations, are permitted as long as:
The reproduction or derivative work includes a direct link to this article and prominently displays the name of both the original author and subsequent authors.
The reproduction or derivative work is not used for commercial purposes or for profit.
The reproduction or derivative work is also released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License.
The full text of the license agreement may be viewed here or via written request to Creative Commons, 171 2nd Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.

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- Updated for 5.3


- Everything updated for 5.2! We're in business!


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- Added Operation: Shieldwall/Dominance Offensive gear to the BiS lists.


- Added Changelog!
- Multitarget section revamped
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- Added macros to guide
- Added Trinkets to the Gearing section
- Expanded L90 talent information in Talents to include information on Empower for Primal Elementalist
- Added FAQ section to the Introduction post
- Clarified wording on L60 talents
- Updated Main Hand enchants in Gearing
- Added DPS values for set bonuses in the Gearing section
- Added Racials section
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