Weak Auras: Command Demon

UI and Macro
From what I remember he set up an aura with multiple conditions. Those being:

#1. I am below 30% Health.
#2. Shadow Bulwark is available

and finally
I just set a conditional to have pet NOT ALIVE

and combination of those 3 gave him the right result. If I remember correctly.
Ahh, I finally figured out how to set the condition to "no pet alive" (by clicking "pet alive" it toggles to other options). Thanks a bunch!!
I had to set this up again and thought it would be worth elaborating on what needed to be done:

Trigger 1: Status/Conditions/ click the having pet alive button 2x so it is set to: "Not Having Pet (Alive)"

Add Trigger 2: Note - Set Required for Activation to All Triggers
Status/Cooldown Progress (Spell)/ find the specific iteration of your spell ID# (for singe magic from Sacrificing an Imp there are multiple spell IDs... the correct one for this purpose is 132411) Note - Set to Inverse
Here's some more info on this:

With a warlock that has the Grimoire of Sacrifice talent -- bring up a pet and then open Weak Auras and set up an Action Usable with Command Demon as the spell. This will NOT show the "command demon" icon as a display ... instead it will show the spell currently active in the Command Demon slot for the pet you have up.

Now sacrifice the pet. The spell in the Command Demon slot on your action bar will change. But the spell in the Weak Auras event will not change. (True for most demons.)

For example. If you start with an imp, the spell "Cauterize Master" shows on the action bar, and also in the WA macro. When you sacrifice the imp, the action bar changes to "Singe Magic", but Weak Auras still has "Cauterize Master" showing.

Next ... without doing anything else ... re-enter "Command Demon" in the WA macro under "spell". The spell name will immediately change to show "Singe Magic."

In other words, Action Usable seems to be testing whether or not Command Demon is up, and it finds the spell that Command Demon invokes, but it is not polling this to notice when Grimoire of Sacrifice changes the active spell.

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