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Wyrmrest Accord
"In this world, thou shalt have troubles." ...Boy, that's the truth, isn't it? But I don't remember anyone saying those troubles had to be faced alone.

These days have been dark for everyone. It's difficult to know, sometimes, where to stand. Some have lost homes, some families, and others hope itself. War is returning to our world, continuing this endless cycle of pain and destruction. It is my desire - our desire - to help. We offer not a religion, nor some radical act of "repentance" or "salvation" as it's too often preached; but by compassion, we offer sanctuary. A purpose. A home.

We are not an army. I think the word for us...would be "fellowship". To walk together, to support each other, to just "do life" together. Too many people have nowhere to go, and no purpose to strive for. It is our goal to create a community, of sorts. One in which all are different, but through those differences form a strong, common bond. Different colored threads woven together to make the most beautiful of tapestries.

Of course, you may be asking, "How does this give *me* a purpose?" Well, my friend, there are so many ways to contribute. In finding your home among us, you extend - consciously or not - an invitation to another to do the same, and it grows. Like the ripples from a stone dropped into a pond, the sentiment spreads. We are missionaries, just looking to help. We don't require any sort of membership fees, or signatures, or really anything of the kind. All we need is for you to accept us, and be accepted in return.

I would be negligent, however, if I did not also mention the guardian aspect. I said before that we are not an army, and we certainly aren't - we're guardians. Protectors. If you are more suited to a sword and shield than to mere words or crafting, we would welcome your arms, as well. As I said, we're just a rag-tag group of people looking to make a difference, and that includes defending our people - really, everyone who needs it - from the true evils of Azeroth. The faction war is not our business, but saving lives, making certain that the innocence and joy of children's dreams never fade away...

That most certainly is.


Looking for consistent, story-driven RP? You may want to check us out. With the imminent arrival of the new expansion pack, and the recent horrific developments regarding the war, we are looking to lay a foundation and march head-on into all that Pandaria has to offer.

Besides our personal struggles in coming to terms with Theramore's fall and all that stems from it, we have had a history of exciting and immersive storylines:

Alverus has installed himself into a pit-fighting competition, but not everything is as it seems. Rumored to be a slave-trading operation, the warrior has sneaked off into the arena to put an end to this immoral business. While the High Priestess Edendra holds down the home front, help is still needed to ensure Alverus' safety, and secure the end of the slave operations. You can learn more about our Secrets in the Pit storyline by following this link:



A mysterious woman named Moira has disturbed the otherwise fruitful peace of Moonlight, introducing her chaos. She has displayed her powerful shadow magics, and even twisted the mind of Moonlight's first pilgrim. While she has since disappeared and the dust has come to settle, the order is still on edge, waiting for her return. This is a persistent storyline, and will become an intricate plot for Moonlight in the future.

Moonlight is open to any character who might be looking for a home, a place to rebuild themselves, and protect what they have. The conflict in Azeroth has settled for a time, and much has been accomplished. Just as well, there is much to be fixed. That is the cause of Moonlight: to rebuild, to protect, and to offer sanction.

Is your character a drifter looking for a purpose? Perhaps they have lost their home, as well as their way. Or you might be a swordsman, a guardian, or a scholar who seeks to protect that which has not been taken. These are just a few of the likely candidates who would find sanction within Moonlight. If you are interested at the idea of a home full of wonderful role play, a great community, and immersive storylines for your character to dive into, send an in-game mail or whisper to Edendra or Alverus. Alternatively, you can visit our website at:


We'll be waiting for you.

"You must not let the fear win."
-Alverus Rhineheart
Penny for Her Thoughts: Exerpts from Lady Eden's Journal

...We've been reading up a bit on Stormwind and King Wrynn's surrounding kingdom. Books about its history, current news from the other continent. The more I read, the more I feel drawn to it. Something's out there, I know it, and I truly feel that it's time to move on. Theramore has such a strong support network, but in a big city, a giant kingdom, I can't help but feel that there are some who just get missed. hat bothers me. I guess this is the culmination of my calling. Finally, a clear direction... Though I'm glad Dar is coming, too. I truly cannot fathom where I'd be if I'd never known him...
Waterlogged Journal: Exerpts from Sir Alverus' Notes

...My duty is over, and my service has run it's course. The Highlands is taken care of, and Deathwing has fallen, which means we're coming home. I didn't want to leave, though. Reason is, there isn't anything home. Not for me, at least. I dreaded this moment during the war, and I was never sure what I'd do. I'm still not sure. I figure I'll visit my mother, first. Poor woman, sick in bed. I've written to her a few times, but she's become so ill she can't even lift the ink anymore. Realistically, age is catching up to her, and I don't think she has very much time here....
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