Dara Mactire

hello guys we are now recruiting for Darkspear Guild, Looking for dedicated PvP minded players, skill level needs to be 2k+ .

We have several professional sponsored team spots as well, including Gungho, Game4Glory and Raidcall. Each squad will represent the Guild and the Sponsor and must be not only serious about gameplay, but a pleasant person to be around.

Listen, our number one rule is you have to be a decent person, your skill level is secondary. Despite all the things you have heard, Dara Mactire is a social experience first, a home for youtube stars and pro gamers second.

If you are interested in the sponsor spots send an in game mail to Douglas, if you simply want to join our ranks make a nice post in this thread or visit our website


See you on Darkspear
Ive met a few people from here. Wicked people to be around.
09/21/2012 05:44 PMPosted by Jaqenhgharr
Yea, the are wicked alright. Rainbow Warriors.

Dara Mactire how do you explain this guy?
Leveling an alt DK for TC RBGs. 1900 hero and streamer, would love to help the guild out in anyway possible!
Yes because nostalgia is awesome!

Dara macintosh isn't even as good as World pvp Finest or the super 'awesome (lol-no) guild BOOSTers.

Dis thread was voted most likely to suck eggs in HS.
too much !@#$ters on darkspear.
too much !@#$ters on darkspear.

Why do you hate me?

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