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When MoP comes out at 3 A.m. est time. Do they do a maintenance? or do they just put the servers and and people can play it all night
servers go live at 5pm AEST and I dont think there will be maintenance that night.
The answer's on the front page of the forums:
Times are located on this forum:


5pm AEST (Sydney Time)
4:30pm ACST (Adelaide Time)
3pm AWST (Perth Time)

Tuesday, 25th September
This is hugely helpful. Thanks mate!

Means I finish work at 6pm..can get online just after the servers predictably crash, recover and get semi stable. WOO! Hopefully the servers go smoothly though, would hate MoP to be plagued by launch mishaps.
My question is, can we still play normal WOW and have to wait til 5pm to access the new content or are all servers going to be down until MOP is live?
Servers will just go live at 5pm aest. You will get a Yellow on screen message that says you have a quest that's it, no restarts, rolling or otherwise, and hopefully no crashes

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