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I'm having alot of issues atm with making in-game gold I used to farm old raids and other things but now gold from old raid drops have been reduced considerably I used to make around 200-300 gold alone from molten core on each toon but now its not worth doing. as with my profession no one is really interested in buying end expansion enchants or items, any ideas?
I make most of my gold from lvl 85 dailies and from levelling alts. Only real instances i farm are dungeons.
Gold... possibly my favourite past time.

You've got BS and Chanting - possibly the 2 most insane professions to have. Are you supported by alts with farming profs? I'm going to assume you are.

Atm, the old money earner of rods for enchanters has gone now that they've been removed. I'm personally not making any money from BS atm. My Enchanter is currently offloading anything not required to level in MoP. It's a hard time in the game and 2 days out, there will be little you can do in the next 2 days to change your situation.

However, there are some things you should be aiming for immediately:

Farming. Farm any mats that you will need to get you into the green zone on a profession. People forget but you'll need maelstroms, elementium, pyrite etc to crank from 525 to 540/550 before MoP mats come into their own. The sooner you can make this jump, the sooner you will be more competitive in the new market. Mining and herbing are easy enough, tailors should be running the Theramore Scenario for cloth (at 80-100 pieces per run), Chanters should be looking at easy content which drop items for DE (possibly Zandalari? Easy Cata Heroics?).

Medium to Long term:

First up, the obvious - MoP. What will people need to level? Gear up? Enchant that gear? Try not to fall into the trap of buying your supplies unless you *know* you can turn a profit. Make money off of other people not being as clever and sell them the mats they'll need because they're too lazy to fam for themselves.

The not so obvious - transmogs. This, at the moment, is where I'm making the most consistent amount of gold. I research transmog sets (wowhead is great for this) and make a list. I watch the AH and I prey on stupid people. Stupid people are what keeps the AH ticking. If someone sells something for 3g that I know I can sell for 300g, the decision is obvious. If you want to add to your supply, AoE looting has added the ability to mass farm mats and transmogs. My only note on this is be polite. Farming now with CRZ's means that level 85's almost feel entitled to clear out entire zones of mobs because they used to be able to do this without hinderance. Now, the areas are full with questers and you will get no love and a lot of complaints. Pick your areas and times wisely.

There is so much more you can do from using addons like Auctioneer to reading the Undermine Journal ( to full blown market manipulation. If you are starting from a low gold base, farming will be your best and least risky way of starting off. If you have a gold reserve and can afford to take time to turn over stock, you can look at mounts, pets, bling items etc.

Also, if you have the slots available, consider a Horde toon to maximise your exposure to both markets and your own bank guild if you've not already done so.
Get a tailor friend with good aoe buy him a potion of treasure finding, go to Ruins of Khintaset in Uldum, qo down the groups of 10 Schnottz Infantrymen (there are like 6-7 packs patrolling down the ramps they re-spawn pretty fast), I make around 1k an hour from deing the greens and making embersilk bags from the cloth and dust solo on my tailor.

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