2H Frost / Unholy PVE Gear List (iL463+)

Death Knight
good job!
You would need to find stat weights for every stat to be able to do something like that. Once you have the stat weights, writing a formula is simple. According to EJ, the stat weights for 2h Frost are:

Str = 1
Yellow hit = .674
Expertise = .674
Haste = .597
Crit = .394
Mastery = .334

Now you have 2 options. You can assume that even a window-licking DK will get to 7.5% hit and expertise, and ignore them in your gear weighting. This is the easy thing to do. If you want to try and account for getting to the hit and expertise caps, the formula is harder. The easy formula would look something like this:


Make a new column and copy that into every cell and it will automatically change the 5s to the proper number for each row.

woah, thanks. Ill implement this soon enough.
What would the formula become if I were to add hit and exp to it?


I'm pretty sure the above is wrong It feels the hit and exp weights should be way lower.
Good list here, been using it for the past week.

Appreciate the time put into this.
my pleasure :)

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