AFTERLIFE is lfm for MoP

<A F T E R L I F E> is LFM players to join us in MoP.

We are a social/casual raiding Guild, with an exact raiding time TBD based on the teams availability (1-2 nights a week maxmimum). Normals modes only until nerfs/patches, we just dont have the time with our busy schedules to attempt hardcore progression wit hthe amount of dedication it takes. With that said if you choose to raid there will be certain requirements as we actually want to kill the bosses in our short schedule and not wipe due to the "dumb"

In the past we have had a blast with our players and truly enjoyed this game for what it is, a social paradise. Gear is pretty and impressive but it fades quickly, the memories and fun times, and friend you make in this game can last a lifetime.

Come get in on the fun! or just send me in game mail for an invite.

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