Entertaining offers on level 11 guild.

It's level 10 right now, but I'll have it to 11 shortly. Not sure if I'll actually sell, or wait til it gets to higher levels. I'm mostly looking to see if there's any interest.

Here's a link to the guild in question.


With guild xp the way it is right now, I don't know how much this would be worth.
Send Lazyeyebobb or Lazyeyebob an in game mail and we can talk in game.
You might be on to something. There will always be a market for level 2+ guilds, even if they're much easier to level now.

I will continue to reiterate this, because it's great fun for me - if you turn off XP gains, you can travel around and quest out other low level zones and still get full guild XP for the quests. It gives you a larger quest pool.

Approximately how many hours does it take for you to gain a guild level doing it with 4 characters?
09/22/2012 08:49 AMPosted by Starien
Approximately how many hours does it take for you to gain a guild level doing it with 4 characters?

Not very long. This guild being level 10 is the result of leveling 4 chars from 80 to 85, and 4 other chars from 17 to 69.

I've no doubt if I waited I could level the guild to 25 by leveling all my characters to max level.

Since I'm going to do that anyway, that's why I'm not certain about selling the guild now. The only reason for doing so now, vs waiting, would be because I need the cash. And I don't really need the cash right now.

Does anyone have an idea of how much a level 25 guild would potentially sell for?

EDIT: Stated level 7 instead of 10, for some odd reason.
People often put up guilds for sale over here -


I see someone asking 150k for a lvl25 guild with 7 bank tabs, and it's been bumped for a few days.

You might as well keep levelling it. The perks are nice, at least.

If you want to start an enterprise, you might want to try just getting guilds from level 1 to 2 and offering them for sale for a few thousand G to see if you get bites for transfer purposes (a guild is required to be level 2 before it can be transferred to another realm - this is often how people transfer large quantities of gold/goods to other realms). Of course, doing that on a smaller realm like Ravenholdt may not be as lucrative. As a multi-boxer, though, you could probably set up shop anywhere and tear lowbie quests apart without heirlooms, no problem.
Hmmm. That's certainly an option.

I dunno though. Seems like a pile of work. It flies in the face of my "get to max level and then do nothing productive" mentality.
So the guild is halfway to 13.

I'm going to take it off the market until it reaches level 25. That's not too far away, and will probably generate the most revenue.
I'd say once you hit level 23 start offering the guild up for sale(Thats what I'm aiming for at least at the moment with my Bank/Alt Guild), most people will be interested in Working Overtime and Bountiful Bags and not so much in Bartering and Mass Res unless they plan to run dungeons/raids/PvP and recruit new members which in Any case will get them the last couple levels pretty swiftly anyways. you could sell it then for a easy 150k as suggested for sure then and in the mean time keep levelling it to 25 until the guild sells.

If you can also somehow get some of the Guild Achievements that reward purchasable items that will again drive up the price, how much? well that depends on you really 5k-25k extra for some of the easier to earn ones like the PvP ones. *Check Rewards and the Guild Achievements for details on what would seem the easiest.* Think the Scenario Achievement will also be quite easy seeing as they are pretty easy to solo while multi-boxing if your aiming to level to 90 with your alts then Scenario's will be ideal to do. Seeing as they only require three guildies to get them done which is like 50k Gexp a run and you get that bonus 15times a day? And there easy to solo except certain boss fights, but they might get nerfed who knows.

@ level 16 you should start to get a little income from looting creatures anyways with having 15% Cash Flow. You get 5% Cash Flow @ level 5.

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