profession kits

As it seems the other guy is swamped or something until October So I am willing to make kits if you need them.
I play a lot and I can get most matts needed within a day.
(with cross realms zones one bonus of me is I play during times almost no one is on. about 6am-10pm or so.)
Only kits I can't do at this time are ones that require skinning >..>
Nonetheless everything is done through in-game chat as far as pricing and what not, so there can be no scam or I lose my account which I'd rather not lose ^.^

message Galvatorex if your interested.

As far as MOP levels go. My goal for mop is to get my herbalism up asap so any professions that follow it can be included. There will be a premium for this since I am sacrificing my own herbs for others professions and not my own.

about 10-30k per kit.
Majority will be about 14k.
Enchanting being the primary exception at about 20k . JC/engineering falling behind at about 18k.
Why, is enchanting so much more? well technically to get the matts fast I have to basically Level another profession in terms of farming and then destroy everything I get from it to get the matts for enchanting. So you'd expect it to be Twice as much as the other professions. While right now I'll be doing less then twice as much.

Things to keep in mind. If you are getting a Tailoring or BS type kit and would like a discount I'm offering 2k off for all of the crafts you get from leveling the profession.

I'm willing to discount prices for many things maybe even offer a payment style thing if you need it. talk to me I'm sure we can work out something.
As it seems the other guy is swamped or something until October

Not that I am swamped but more like I got 25 toons to level to 85. I will refer people too you that message me

^.^ sounds good. I figured it was something like that being so close to mop coming out. I just play a LOT probably 60 hours a week or so right now as I've literally nothing else to do atm. So, i figure why not.

Note: the account used for forums is my gf's my account well long story.
Get These profession kits. Did one full start to finish 1-525 enchanting kit within 5 hours. Guarantee delivery within 24 hours per kit!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: as of right now I'm taking a break from enchanting until I can build up some matts. 5 hours straight of working on that was too much ._.
Please start making a LW and BS please. I will send you an in game mail after work.
It would seem your not interested in this BS kit. So, there is one BS kit for sale now. I'm looking to get 25k for it. Will take offers message in-game.

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