[H/A] Highly Exp.Rogue LF Prog.PvE/RBGs MoP!

Hello ladies and gents! Thanks for taking a moment to read this.

I'm going to make this simple and to the point.

Me: Top 10 USA/Top 50 World raiding experience on MULTIPLE (Rogue/Hunter/DK/Prot Warrior) classes and with multiple guilds through multiple tiers of content! My highest progression was done on my rogue and I'd like to return to playing it as a main. Spec is irrelevant, though I do prefer assassination and sub over combat.

Reliable. I take pride in coming to raid prepared (meaning I either know the fights blindfolded, or know the strats and have my necessary consumables, etc etc ready).

Consistent. I almost never miss a raid, and if I need to, you will know well in advance.

Handsome. I am a sexy bastard. Seriously, you might get jealous of just how good looking I am.

Your guild will be exactly as I described myself, however I don't care if you're the ugliest bastards alive so long as you want to completely annihilate content (both PvE and Rated BG's) without making it a second job. 10man preferred, however I'd also go 25man.

Aside from that, I'd ask that you raid not later than 11:30pm EST and no more than four days a week. I have to work in the mornings and I'd like to pretend I still have a life.

Please do not waste time. I'm all for cracking jokes, but when it comes time to get !@#$ done, lets get %^-* done. I do not want to sit around for an hour waiting to pull.

Loot council. None of the DKP nonsense. I'm not here to gear up your "special" warrior who is in the guild because he's someone's cousin and is just "such a sweet guy". With that said, I am by no means a gear !@#$%. I want to push content. Gear comes with downing bosses.

I'm not looking for INSANE progression anymore. I'm done trying to be at that level. What I will not wait for is clearing a raid the final day before new content is released. I want ^-*! dead before the first % nerf blizz always does.

Please do not be on some garbage, low-pop RP server. No offense, my fine RP fellows, but it isn't my thing. PvP server's ONLY. If you're guild is alliance, best be on a server where you guys don't get @#$%^-*d in world PvP constantly. Same goes for horde.

Basically, if you're a bunch of funny bastards who stick together and can actually play this game and not stand in fire like effing morons, we'll all be good buddies. ;)
i see no progression worth mentioning on your rogue. all your kills are once content is nerfed yet you wanna kill stuff pre nerf? you have absolutely no credibility for the things your saying. why do people lie so much geesh.

inb4 your progression was in BC comment......prove it...

also, your post is not funny or remotely intelligent. you come off as some quack looking to be carried all while acting like your the greatest rogue to ever hit the streets. i award you no points and may God lay mercy on your soul.

Interesting. I don't recall saying "I am the greatest rogue known to man kind". Nor do i recall saying "I want a top 5 USA spot".

Perhaps I'm misreading what you wrote due to your absolutely AMAZING humor.

You, sir, are the one who comes off as a pompous $%^, not I. I guess I can't expect entry into the mighty ranks of the <Balloon Explorers Club>? I mean, I might as well go commit suicide, eh?

For the record, almost every single person who has EVER raided at the level I once chose to compete at has MULTIPLE characters of the same class. Would anyone in the class like to explain why to our fine friend here?

Please don't waste my time with your nonsense. Moving on.
im not the one sitting here lying about my accomplishments is the point here. maybe someone would like to explain to this idiot about ACCOUNT WIDE ACHIEVEMENTS!!!

now run along, your terrible

oh wait let me guess, multiple accounts huh? some sh1tty excuse

edit: im honestly checking your achievements now and STILL cant find ONE SINGLE achieve worth mentioning or even close to a top 10,000 US kill.
Ouch, harsh.

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