Pun Intended, Looking for 1 More.

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Pun Intended - Frostmourne Alliance.

Looking for a Hunter or a Rogue for MoP raid team, a small casual group of players with most experiencing heroic bosses in the past is looking to enjoy the expansion and its content at a steady but progressive pace, PST or In game mail if interested.

Raiding times will be, Sunday:730-11 ST, Monday + Wednesday 9:30-11:15 ST ( For a short while, Will explain if need be).

Officers In game are as follows

Wind - 85 Human Warrior
Hylex, Hilex - 85 DK + 84(85) Druid
Visance - 85 DK

Looking forward to meeting new people available for the times and interested in raiding with us.

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