Holy vs Ret - MoP

Torn between the two right now.

Been playing Paladin as a main since the ending of Vanilla. The days of 'lolret' when I asked to be DPS in raids still flow through me.

Im thinking about going back into being a Healadin full time now come MoP. How is Holy doing as a PVP healer in both arenas and BG's? How is ret? I hear ret is kind of dinky at 90.. But then again I hear ret is dinky now and I just finished a Twin Peaks last night going 27-2 while still being one of the top healers so I take everything with a grain of salt.

How is everyone enjoying what Ret/Holy has become come 90? Anything you love/hate about both specs? So far I love Ret, but I havent given Holy that much attention so Im trying to learn more about it now before MoP releases as I plan to level and dungeon as whatever I choose to main.

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