Resto Druid LF serious 10/25m raiding guild

I am currently seeking a 25m serious raiding guild. When I say serious I mean your guilds focus is progression. Doesn't have to be hardcore I am not looking for a hardcore schedule. I can raid Mon-Thurs 8-11:30 pm EST some nights i can push it to 12 if we are close to a new boss kill. I work 11 hours days so its hard to push it much past that.

I am looking for a main raid spot I am not a bench warmer and will not be a bench warmer. I am very skilled player with a very extensive raiding background from BC to current. I have lead 3 very successful raiding guilds in both 25m and 10m raids. I have 7 lvl 85's and play all of them very well. I started healing in Cata because my officers got irritated at me for complaining about our healers and how hard healing was lol. I made a druid leveled it and started healing with a morning raid group of friends and I have been in love with healing ever since.

My raiding back ground is most of BC. I have done all content of WOTLK 10 and 25m. In Cata I was 12/12 regular mode and 3/13 HM in 25 and 12/12 and 6/13 HM in ten man for tier 11. I was 6/7 HM firelands in ten man. DS pre nerf I was 3/8 HM in 10 man I quit raiding about a month or so into DS with the random log in to do a raid. I became very bored very quickly with DS. Honestly I was a little burned out also I was raiding in 3 seperate HM groups healing 2 with resto druids and tanking the other one I lead 2 of these and co-lead the 3rd. I did this for all of Cata.

The druid I am looking for a raid team hasn't been around very long I leveled him quickly for my main ten man group we lost our druid healer so I leveled a 2nd one to heal for us. I haven't done very much on this toon soon after leveling it is when i decided to stop playing until MOP came out. Below I am linking my raiding toons so you can see my raid history with them all.


I am a fun loving guy who loves to have fun while raiding but I know when its time to be serious and focus on the task at hand. I am not a loot !@#$% I am a believer that class knowledge and skill are what make a player great not the purples he has attached to his character. Having lead so many raid groups and guilds I prepare for every raid and boss encounter knowing the mechanics of the fights and am very good at tweaking strats to suit a raid teams strengths and weaknesses. I have been doing so successfully for over 5 years.

I thank you for taking the time to read my post and look forward to hearing from all guilds who meet my criteria and look forward to raiding with you.

** Also would be interested in raiding on my arms warrior if anyone has a need for one**

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