250k Lifetime Kills

It seems to be capped at 250k Lifetime Kills? I logged back in today after a 4 month holiday from the game and noticed the account wide achievements. Is there any announcements that this cap will be raised to 500k? It seems a little low considering it is now account wide.
I'd be very surprised if they didn't add a new one in with MoP.

I think the thing we're waiting on is for them to decide a good title reward for it.
Yeah I just logged into a few characters and bam, achievement earned. Would like a carrot to chase. If you have been playing since Classic then its pretty hard to not get this unless you dont pvp at all.
Don't worry the counter is still adding them on just no achievement has been added above 250k yet, many mount collectors are getting close to 200 mounts and the last achievement was for 100 mounts which was added in WOTLK lol
We definately need a higher cap for lifetime honorable kills since many of us feel like the 250k achieve is not special anymore.

I'd say 500k and 1 million achievements would be appropriate.

Or, better yet - **new idea** When someone links an achievement with a numerical value attached - like "total honorable kills" or "total critters killed" - the achievement should indicate the actual value of the number instead of just a binary "in progress" or "achieved".

For example, "Get 250,000 Total Honorable Kills - achievement earned by Granya on 9/29/2012 - To date Granya has 471,478 Honorable Kills"

That way players will be able to link their achievments and the link will reflect cases where the player has completely crushed the achievement, not just achieved it.
500k - the Vicious

1000k - the Ruthless

1500k - the Cataclysmic?

Oh I am bad at names
Well I'll probably never get to 250K HKs, but if people have, why aren't there more achievements? You'd think that for numerical things it would be easy to just always have another achievement.

I suppose if you think they all need a fancy reward that's an excuse for taking a while, but they maintain their linkable bragging power even without a title.

I'm totally on for the linkable counter though...Even if it didn't work once you've finished an achievement, it should at least show an in progress counter that is visible when linked. Achievements that include multiple parts show progress, why not also ones that are numerical? (Combine in-progress counters and ever higher achievements and people can always link their progress!)

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