Tier 14 Token drop rates?

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What are the token drop rates in Mop? Are they fixed in proportion to the classes that can use them (35% vanq, 35% prot, 30% conq)?

In tier 13, we had a big rng problem for our 10 man raids with token drops. Just curious if anything is being done in MoP to make the token drop rates more in alignment with actual raid comps?

Currently our 10-man will have 2 paladins, one priest and one Warlock. So 40% of the raid will roll on a token with a 30% drop rate.

Looking forward to MoP but not bad rng.
each token will have a 9.09% chance to drop based on class (which is the way it's always been before it was 100% / 10) = 10% which is why the token with 4 classes on it had a 40% chance to drop because it had 4 classes.

so you have:

27.2727% for conq
36.3636% for prot and vanq

so if you want to get into it.. roughly the same as before.

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