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I've gone over several of the other multiple forum posts of people describing this sort of problem and have tried a lot of these so called fixes, logging back into the application re-downloading application, etc. But the application keeps logging me on the game, no matter how many times I log back in and log it out.

I finally got frustrated and logged into the application one more time earlier today to try one more time and logged out of it, low and behold it actually logged me out of the game for the first time in weeks. I go to the fridge come back and look at my wife's computer whom has the guild page up and I'm logged back into the application even thou I just logged out of it and removed it from my cell phone.

This is EXTREMELY frustrating I am my guilds raid leader, and I'm responsible for the raid if someone can't make it they whisper me and let me know, but they can never actually know if there whispers are going through to me or to this applications "Ghost Mungzta". I sound like such an idiot if someone misses raid, "Yeah I'm gonna have to bench you, you didn't say anything to anyone about not showing up the other night..." "Ugh yeah I did you were signed into remote chat and I sent you about 5 messages saying I was going to be late.." I need this remote chat crap removed from my account or I need a FIX asap before the new raiding tier starts up.

UPDATE: After reading a few more posts I logged in on my phone, was going to sign into mobile guild chat to try to sign off manually from that for a reset. I keep receiving Chat Connection Error: Unable to establish connection to the server, 10 attempts, not working.
You should try the tech support forum. Also, use the enter key every once in a while, it'll make your post easier to read.
Same thing happening to me. A GM told me to remove my cache and wtf folders to see if that helps, but with MoP hours away from launch, theres no way im re-setting up my binds/macros/action bars again. Just going to live with it ha!

God forbid someone be new to forums or there posting standards.
This is something we are aware of and are looking into right now. This has to do with a change on the server, so we're seeing if we can address it at that level without requiring a client update.
Hopefully this will be looked into soon. This is a big distraction!
I would like to add my voice to this because I'm having the same issue. I've logged out of remote chat on my phone, and two seconds later I'm logged back in. It's a huge distraction and no one knows if I'm logged into the game, or at my phone to receive messages. I've even tried logging out and removing the application from my phone while logged out. It logs me back in somehow.

Hopefully it can be resolved soon and thanks in advance for fixing it!
This bug is pretty darn annoying. It has had me logged in for a week, you logout of the app and 30 seconds later you find yourself logged back in on the guild list.
This is still a problem. It still does it for me...
Yes, still a problem as of Jan 13, 2013.

It's getting to be extremely annoying. I've had many "missed" tells. And it's not like it's leaving me in's on and off, on and off, on and off.
Have you tried logging out of Guild Chat with the Online/Offline button? If you don't do this, it will keep you in an Away state.
It's not a problem of keeping me online in an away state. It's a problem of me being offline, online (Green speaker) or online and away (Yellow speaker).

Sometimes, when I am logged into the game, with NO SPEAKER, the speaker just appears. And i'm in the middle of dailies or farming or heroics or something.
I gquit today to HOPEFULLY solve this issue. The problem is with GUILD CHAT, so my reasoning is that if I'm not a part of a guild, it can't log me into guild chat. Sad that I have to leave a guild because Blizz can't even listen and address my problem, much less attempt to find a solution.
well its 2015 soon to be 2016 my guild has a couple of people stuck in remote chat that cant log off
blizzard seems to not have a fix for this .whats going on BLIZZ yall slacking or something!!!
i have that problem right now help its blizz anniversary today want to log on

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